Startup Layoffs are on the Rise: This is Why

More and More Startups are Cutting Jobs: Here is the Truth Behind It

The job market has seen mass job cuts by companies amid underperforming businesses.

Companies with the most layoffs are startups, both international and national scales. In Indonesia, between the end of 2021 and September 2022, there have been at least eight startups announcing their layoffs.

Whereas globally, according to statistics by, 76,995 startup workers have been laid off between January 1st and September 8th, 2022. Startups in the food industry contributed the largest to the number, laying off 11,436 employees since the beginning of 2022.

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Furthermore, the transportation sector has seen 9,766 unemployed from startups, while the healthcare sector 7,348 people, financial sector 7,436 people, and the retail sector 7,899 people. Most of these startups cite business efficiency as the reason for the layoffs.

It means that their business operations so far have not been able to strike the right balance between their operating expenditures and the profits they can earn. These companies’ finances then suffer as a result.

Extravagant Discounts Are the Culprit

The fact shows that many companies made a splash in the beginning. The conveniences and discounts offered to their customers have helped the companies grow instantly.

Meanwhile, other companies try to catch up by adopting similar strategies. They follow suit by doubling down on promotions and inevitably burn cash and, as a result, jeopardize their profitability in the long run.

Despite all of this, some companies still offer job opportunities for various positions in the middle of the current business landscape. These companies typically are financially and fundamentally sound.

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Another reason they can do so is their thriving business. It is achieved when the goods and services they offer align with consumers' needs and the changing business landscape and economy.

Among these companies is PT Serasi Autoraya, or SERA for short, the largest Indonesian transportation and logistics company. Every year, this subsidiary of Astra Group welcomes new team members to fill various positions at the company.If you are interested in joining the company for one of the positions offered, take a look at its official website at and go to the career section at