Avoid These 3 Gestures during Job Interviews

Here Are Three Gesture Don’ts for Your Job Interview

Companies often need job applicants to pass a battery of tests before hiring them, ranging from basic skills and psychological tests to interviews.

The interview is the step in the recruiting process that ultimately determines whether or not to hire a candidate. For example, ten candidates were chosen from the preliminary rounds; all ten performed differently in the interview despite having similar levels of skills and ideal personality attributes.

Therefore, there are a few things you should consider as a candidate before attending your job interview because these seemingly irrelevant, small details are actually what your employer values and is looking for.

One of them is the body language or gestures you use when applying. Why? Because your gestures convey your personality and who you are. The following are three gestures that you should avoid during job interviews.

1. Weak Handshake

A half-hearted handshake means that you are not enthusiastic about the job opportunity offered to you. In fact, your attitude further demonstrates your lack of respect for the other person.

2. Blank Stare

Second, you should avoid staring blankly at the interviewer. Instead, maintain a focused and self-assured gaze with them. People will view you as passionate, attentive, and assertive if you do it that way.

On the other hand, a blank look indicates that you are easily distracted, inattentive, and unreliable. It also shows how little confidence you possess.

3. Nodding Too Much When Answering

It is acceptable to nod occasionally to reaffirm your response in a more polite way.

However, when you nod excessively, it appears as though you have a serious lack of verbal communication skills and cannot convey your notion. People may assume that you lack the capacity for sound reasoning and a clearly-defined, linear thought process because you frequently nod in response to questions.

Instead, speak clearly and boldly while offering a reasonable response. By doing so, you not only respond thoughtfully but also effectively convey your point of view. 

You should bear in mind these attitudes and body language during your forthcoming job interview, especially at this time when companies, such as PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), are looking for new employees.

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