Preparing for 2021, the Logistics Sector in Indonesia is Starting to Rise

2020 is full of challenges for many industries, including the logistics sector. However, since September 2020, the logistics sector is starting to recuperate and ready to rise in order to welcome the upcoming year of 2021. 

The recovery of Indonesia’s economic condition is supported by the logistics sector, meaning that if Indonesia’s economic condition recovers, the logistics sector will follow suit. The export-import data in September 2020 show an early indication of the recovery of Indonesia’s economic condition, which will surely be music to the ear for the recovery of the logistics sector.

According to the Chairman of Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI), Setijadi, such a positive indication of economic recovery must be leveraged by the logistics sector in Indonesia, especially in the port and harbor sectors, as 90% of the world trade is transported via maritime transportation.

According to Setijadi, logistics suppliers and players, as well as related parties, should prepare to increase their efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing the ever-developing information technology such as big data analytics, cloud logistics, the internet of things, as well as robotics and automation.

The logistics sector is also one of PT Serasi Autoraya’s (SERA) business units, which belongs to the Astra Group and has been established since 1986. In the beginning, SERA operated in the vehicle rental business, but in 1990, SERA expanded its business to include the sale of used cars and logistics management service.

For the logistics business, SERA uses the brand of SELOG who is present to fulfill the customers’ need for variable, end-to-end logistics services. PT Serasi Logistik Indonesia (SELOG) provides logistics service solutions covering logistics services based on contracts, delivery of goods service, warehouse management, and comprehensive freight forwarding through land, sea, and air transportation routes. 

SELOG specializes in the sector of land logistics transportation and freight forwarding. Currently, SELOG is managing 1,600 units of trucks and 12 cargo ships. Every year, SELOG handles more than 935,000 cargo deliveries. Meanwhile, the sea route is specifically managed by PT Toyofuji Serasi Indonesia that has 5 Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) ships. 

Currently, SELOG has also implemented Warehouse Management System (WMS) service. The WMS service enables a continuous tracking process related to receipt, pick up, delivery, and confinement of goods, damaged goods, as well as finished orders. Not only that, but WMS also allows the customers to view the stock of goods up to a low stock level in real-time. 

SELOG is present to provide various end-to-end logistics services, one of which is courier services. In general, the express courier service is divided into standard service and resolutive service. Standard service covers same-day service, next-day service, and regular service. 

Meanwhile, with resolutive service, there is no need for you to worry if you require a special service such as VPD (Valuable, Perishable, Dangerous Goods) service for documents or delivery of heavy package and goods that are too large to be delivered with regular cargo service. For further information, you can visit this link.