TRAC – Astra Rent a Car

TRAC transportation service offers vehicle unit rental to corporates (long term), individual (short term), bus services, motor rental, as well as professional driver services


Corporate Rental

To accommodate your business needs, we provide car rental services for more than 1 year rental period. Our rental services are also supported with 24 hour customer assistance center via 1500 009 and nation-wide service network.

  • Operating Lease

Understanding the unique needs of each corporation, we provide cars from various brands. You are able to choose type of car that meets your corporate’s needs , and also get assurance from risks such as accident, and assurance on maintenance.

  • TMS (Transportation Management System)

We bring TMS service as a solution to corporate’s transportation problems. Through integrated services, we are trying to build a more effective and efficient transportation system management for your business success. 


Individual Rental

For you, customers who need car-rental services for less than 1 year contract, either for leisure, family events, or personal purposes, we also provide short-term car-rental services. Our high quality vehicles and services from our professional drivers will guarantee your satisfaction during the trip.

  • Daily Rental

We provide various types of vehicle that are daily rented for customers’ leisure needs or personal purposes. You may choose the rental service, either with driver or drive the car by yourself.

  • Airport Transfer

Also available pick up and drop off services to the Airport in 16 cities in Indonesia

  • M.I.C.E

To support massive-scaled needs for transportation for important business purposes, customers can choose TRAC – Astra Rent a Car as their business transportation solutions.

  • Point to Point Services

To ease your mobility from one point of destination to another destination, We complete our services with point to point services.


Bus Rental

We have 4 types of bus (small, medium, big and luxury) that you can rent for collective needs, such as corporate events, gathering, as well as group holiday


Motor Rental

To support customers’ operational needs, We also offer long-term rental services for motorcycle, available in various brands. As a company with a wide-network, you can entrust your vehicle maintenance to us.


Driver Rental Services

Other than rental services, you can also enjoy services from our professional and quality drivers as part of integrated transportation solution.


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