Ideal Salary for Fresh Graduates

A high salary or income is a dream for many people. But what about fresh graduates? What is the ideal salary for them?

Many questions come to mind when fresh graduates are about to enter the workforce. For example, what is the minimum salary for fresh graduates without any experience? Is it possible for them to get a high salary? Which field offers the highest salaries?

Keep in mind that there is no exact amount to determine the salary for fresh graduates. There are many factors affecting an employee’s income.

These factors include the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) in each region. The position applied for, the industry field, and the company’s scale can also differ. Companies within the same industry and scale may have different salary policies or standards.

From the applicants’ perspective, their experience and competencies can also provide different values. Another important factor is their negotiation skills in convincing the recruiter during the interview.

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While the exact amount may vary, large companies usually offer salaries around the UMP level. Here’s an estimate of the average salary for fresh graduates as entry-level employees based on

Estimated Salaries for Fresh Graduates in Various Fields

Economics and Management

Economics and management offer a wide range of career and job opportunities. Some of these include:

  • Banker Rp 4 million - Rp 20 million

  • Business Development Rp 4 million - Rp 12 million

  • Business Analyst Rp 4.5 million - Rp 9 million

  • Human Resources Rp 5 million - Rp 7.5 million

  • General Affair Rp 4 million - Rp 8 million

  • Administrative Staff Rp 3 million - Rp 5 million

  • Sales Associate Rp 4 million – Rp 13 million

  • Collection Officer Rp 4 million – Rp 6 million

  • Product Specialist Rp 4.6 million – Rp 8 million

  • Project Officer/Coordinator Rp 4 million – Rp 12 million

  • Purchasing/Procurement Rp 3.3 million – Rp 8 million

  • Supply Chain Rp 3.2 million – Rp 9.8 million

Law, Finance, and Accounting

Law, finance, and accounting also offer diverse salary ranges for fresh graduates. Among the positions are:

  • Legal Staff Rp 3.7 million – Rp 11 million

  • Auditor Rp 5 million – Rp 9 million

  • Finance Rp 5 million – Rp 12 million

  • Accounting IDR 3.5 million - IDR 8 million

  • Tax Officer IDR 3.8 million - IDR 8 million

Communications and Creative

Here are the estimated salary ranges for fresh graduates in various communication and creative positions:

  • Marketing Staff Rp 4 million – Rp 15 million

  • Public Relations Rp 3.2 million – Rp 7 million

  • Social Media Officer Rp 3 million – Rp 10 million

  • Digital Marketing Rp 4 million – Rp 9 million

  • Graphic Designer Rp 3.8 million – Rp 8 million

  • UI/UX Designer Rp 4 million – Rp 9 million

  • Customer Service Rp 3 million – Rp 6.5 million

  • Copywriter Rp 3.5 million – Rp 5.8 million

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IT, Engineering, and Oil/Gas Mining

In the digital era, IT continues to thrive with high demand from companies, including startups and e-commerce businesses. Here are the average salaries for fresh graduates in these fields:

  • Data Engineer Rp 5.8 million – Rp 9 million

  • Data Analyst Rp 3 million – Rp 7 million

  • IT Staff Rp 4 million – Rp 8 million

  • Programmer Rp 4 million – Rp 7 million

  • Web Developer Rp 6 million – Rp 8 million

  • Engineer (non-IT) Rp 4 million – Rp 20 million

  • Network Engineer Rp 4 million – Rp 8 million

  • Technician Rp 4.2 million – Rp 11 million

The oil and gas/mining sectors offer high salary standards for fresh graduates, especially for engineering and technician positions.

National and multinational companies like Pertamina, Chevron Pacific, and Total Energies typically offer entry-level salaries ranging from Rp 5 million to Rp 15 million.

It’s important to note that these amounts are merely estimates. Other factors affecting salary include the region, industry, company scale, and candidates’ qualifications.

Fresh graduates should be aware that salary is not the only crucial factor. Other aspects need to be considered, such as company management, work environment, and career path clarity, as they significantly impact well-being.

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