Business Development: Definition and Role

Within any organization, business development (abbreviated as BD) is one of the company’s important functions that help it grow and achieve success.

It is responsible for identifying, developing, and implementing new growth opportunities for the organization. Learn more by understanding its definition and role below. We’ll also cover some responsibilities of a business development manager at a company further down.

Business Development Definition

In short, business development can be defined as a process that involves analyzing, developing, and implementing opportunities that foster an organization’s growth. Business development can take many forms, including:

  • development of new products or services

  • market expansion

  • acquisitions and mergers

  • strategic partnerships

Business Development Role

  • Increasing growth and revenues by identifying new growth opportunities implemented through market expansion, development of new products, acquisitions, etc.

  • Increasing market share by being involved in the organization’s effort to increase its market share by entering a new market or identifying market segments with unfulfilled needs.

  • Improving competitiveness by providing products or services that are more innovative, efficient, and affordable compared to those of the competition.

  • Ensuring business continuity.

Business Development Manager Responsibilities

As a strategic function, business development alongside business development managers plays a vital role in virtually all aspects of a company. Here’s what a business development manager does at a company.

Market research

A business development manager is responsible for performing market research to identify new growth opportunities. The research may involve an industry analysis, a customer survey, and interviews with top-level management.

Competitor analysis

On top of conducting market research, a BD manager should understand the company’s competitors in order to develop a more effective and precise strategy. It includes analyses of competitors’ products and services and their marketing and pricing strategies.

Business plan development

A BD manager is also responsible for developing a business plan and seizing new opportunities. The plan should be carefully thought out, have a clear goal, and take into account steps and the company’s human resources required to achieve the goal.

Implementing the developed strategy

Now that the BD manager has conducted market research, analyzed the competition, and developed a business plan, it is time for them to execute the developed plan and strategy efficiently and effectively.

Skills a Business Development Manager Should Have

Given how significant a business development manager’s duties and responsibilities are, companies will obviously set the bar high for individuals to fill the post. The role has a set of specific requirements, including

  • analytical skills, which allow the right decision to be made with good analysis of information and data;

  • communication skills: clear, effective communication with various stakeholders, including customers, partners, and investors;

  • interpersonal skills to foster good relationships with stakeholders and build their trust;

  • leadership skills: the ability to lead and inspire teams to reach a goal.

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