Honda Vario 125 Sold Well in Auctions, Here Is Why

People often buy used motor vehicles at auctions held by private or state institutions for good quality and a good value for money.

It has become popular since buying goods at auctions has its credibility. The goods are usually available with valid documents and other requirements related to legality already fulfilled.

In addition, the prices of vehicles in auctions are considered fair and way cheaper. Those prices result from a fair consideration of the vehicle's condition.

Recently, the locals’ interest in hunting motor vehicles at auctions has grown to include not only used cars but also two-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles. Many used motorcycles you can find at auctions are reconditioned vehicles previously owned by companies or government institutions.

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Honda Vario 125, the Best Selling Scooter in Auctions

Honda Vario 125, a scooter with an automatic transmission selling at auctions, has recently gained traction. The scooter, produced and distributed by PT Astra Honda Motor, is in great demand and has sold out at the auction house PT Balai Lelang Serasi (IBID).

This is not a surprising news. The scooter has its place in the locals’ hearts due to its benefits.

The firm lines and gorgeous curves are acclaimed to give the Honda Vario 125 a sporty style. The scooter features an ergonomic design that makes it easier to ride on.

The suspension is smooth and one of the greatest in its class. It offers responsiveness, a silent ride, and reduced engine vibration.

This Honda scooter is also known for its fuel-efficient quality. Moreover, the underseat storage capacity reaches 18 liters and the scooter also has wide step floor, accommodating an easy and convenient way of carrying luggage.

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Buy a Used Honda Vario 125 on IBID

The great sales of Honda Vario 125 has been largely attributed to the role of the auction house PT Balai Lelang Serasi (under the trademark of IBID). IBID’s credibility as the leading auction house has been acclaimed by Indonesians.

The auction house constantly ensures to offer high-quality goods that come with fair and transparent pricing.

Besides that, IBID provides easy guides for every step of the process, from applying for an auction, making your bid during an auction, to completing the paperwork after winning an auction.

A trustworthy auction house under Astra Group PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) established in 2007, IBID offers the convenience of participating in live auctions through the IBID application available on the Google Play Store. Or, visit the official website

Under Astra Group, IBID has sold more than 27,000 four-wheeled vehicles at auction and held more than 500 auction events every year until the end of 2016. 

IBID organizes auctions on a weekly basis in its 10 office branches across Indonesia. So far, IBID has also held auctions in more than 30 cities in Indonesia. IBID runs three kinds of auctions: Live Auctions, Timed Auctions, and Flash Auctions.

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IBID’s 3 Online Auction Methods

Live Auction

A Live Auction is a real-time auction at which each lot is presented in turn based on a set schedule. When the lot is being presented, participants can place their highest bid.

After the submission of the highest bid, IBID auctions will present another lot. It is different from a Timed Auction and Flash Auction.

Timed Auction

At Timed and Flash Auctions, all lots are presented simultaneously on schedule. However, the duration of Flash Auctions is only an hour, while Timed Auctions can last for hours and days.

For example, ten used cars are scheduled for an auction at this week's Timed Auction from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Western Indonesian Time (WIB). All of those cars will be presented simultaneously on the same hour. After an auction ends, the winner will be announced based on the highest bid.

Flash Auction

At a Flash Auction, the used cars are of somewhat mint condition as they have been inspected by Astra Car Valuation (ACV) experts.

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For consignors, IBID’s auction helps to ensure their cars are sold quickly. For bidders, IBID helps them buy used cars in good condition. As for Timed Auction, it is scheduled like a Live Auction.

A Flash Auction is equipped with Live Streaming and Live Chat features for its participants. Each bidder with NPL can ask 10 questions about the condition of a car to the inspector through the Live Chat feature.

Want to join an online auction at IBID? Download the IBID app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store or visit