Sewa Bus Pariwisata Untuk Field Trip, Kenali Dulu Jenisnya

Renting a tour bus remains the popular transport option for those joining group holiday activities. Many people would spend their time going on a field trip or group tour, especially during long school holidays, which are just around the corner. Usually, a field trip involves fun yet educational activities.

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Students can refresh their minds and recharge their motivation through recreational activities on a field trip.Such a trip can also serve as a channel for them to get to know the tourist destination they are visiting and its culture. They can learn the value of the environment while also boosting a sense of togetherness between schoolmates during the trip.

Their holiday experience will be more memorable if they feel a strong sense of togetherness and companionship that can be created when they travel in a vehicle capable of accommodating many passengers at once, such as a tour bus.

Each participant contributes to the overall costs by using a bus, making it more cost-effective for everyone. Compared to going on a trip in small groups of people using small-sized cars, a bus takes up fewer parking spaces and is certainly easier to arrange.

You can plan for a more organized trip. Even if you carry a lot of baggage, it should not be a problem.

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When Renting a Tour Bus, Choose the Best Type for You 

However, it would help if you are careful when renting a tour bus. Recently, many buses have been found breaking down or encountering other problems during the trip. There is a valuable lesson that can be learned from these occurrences.

When these issues occur, the sense of togetherness and an unforgettable fun experience you want to create may never happen. Instead, the trip may leave a bad impression or even a sense of extreme disappointment to the point you are discouraged from taking another vacation.

This is why you need to choose a worthy tour bus prioritizing safety and comfort. Most people, however, don’t understand much about buses, making it difficult for them to pick the best type of bus to rent.

Many buses also have attractive exteriors without guaranteed safety or comfort. Most importantly, though, never rent a tour bus simply because of its low price.

If you want to rent a tour bus for a field trip, always pay attention to the following considerations to ensure a safe, comfortable, and memorable trip!

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1. Reputation of the bus rental company

The company providing rental bus services must have a good reputation. With reputable tour bus rental services, you can enjoy a pleasant travel experience. One of the reputable companies renting buses for field trips is TRAC. 

2. Seating capacity

You should know for sure how many people will go on the trip before selecting a bus with the most suitable seating capacity. You certainly don’t want the bus to be overcrowded. Likewise, overcapacity should be avoided, as empty seats will go to waste.

Choose the type of bus according to the number of trip participants. Tour buses are usually offered in small, medium, and large sizes. Small-sized buses are usually able to accommodate 11-20 passengers.

Medium-sized buses usually have 30-40 seats.Large-sized buses are also offered with a seating capacity of 40-59 passengers, depending on their type.

It would help if you also considered the road conditions to your destination. A large bus may not be the best option if the road is relatively narrow. 

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3. Seating layout

Medium-sized tour buses usually have a 2+2 seating layout, while large buses are 3+2 and 2+2. The 3+2 seating layout is usually only found in buses with a seating capacity of 59 passengers.

If you prioritize comfort, the 2+2 arrangement can be a good option, while the 3+2 configuration is best if you need a bus that can accommodate many passengers. 

4. Bus amenities

Don’t forget to check the amenities available inside the bus. Nowadays, onboard entertainment, such as LCD TVs, microphones, and loudspeakers, have become the standard features that must be available. This way, you can engage in fun activities on the bus, such as playing games and singing karaoke together. 

5. Direct reservation to the service provider

It is recommended that you reserve the bus directly to the service provider. Avoid reserving from a third party for a trouble-free reservation process.Doing this lets you get the best price with the best amenities.

You should also pay attention to the reservation procedure. Make sure you can reserve easily without having to deal with a complicated and lengthy process.

Renting a Tour Bus at TRAC

TRAC offers charter bus transportation services that cater to any group traveling needs of individual or corporate customers, be it for a short trip within their cities or out-of-town travel. TRAC strictly ensures that each of its buses is well-maintained.

and prioritizes safety—every seat in its buses is equipped with a seat belt. Every TRAC bus is equipped with glass breakers, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, TRAC also ensures that every driver behind the wheel is a trained, highly experienced driver. This further enhances the comfort and safety of the passengers.

In addition to having experience, certifications, and safe driving skills, the drivers are also trained in customer service ethics. TRAC also delivers its services to customers with strict preventive measures for infectious diseases. In any business activity, TRAC implements its own protocol called SMART.

TRAC’s services can be accessed conveniently. You can use TRACtoGo app, available on Play Store and App Store. For more information about TRAC’s tour bus rental services, visit the official website at