Transportation and Logistics: The Duo for Economic Growth

The Economy Continues to Grow by Collaborating Transportation and Logistics Sectors

Transportation and logistics sectors play an important role in a country’s economy. They are like arteries and blood in the human body. In fact, the growth of transportation and logistics or warehousing has a major impact on a country’s economic growth country. This is true for Indonesia.

Based on the data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS), in the Q1 of 2022, transportation and warehousing saw a 15.79% growth year-on-year (YoY), and Indonesia registered an economic growth of 5.01%.

Both sectors grew even higher in Q2, i.e., 21.27% YoY. In addition, the national economic growth reached 5.44% YoY. 

Although Indonesia lags behind developed countries, including Asia, we should be proud of its endless efforts to improve and manage transportation infrastructure.

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Over the last decade, transportation infrastructure has been built and developed on a large scale to meet Indonesians’ growing needs.

Indonesia is still undergoing its effort to integrate effective and efficient transportation and improve transportation connectivity among regions.

Considering the country’s limited budget and vast area, priority is given to transportation connectivity to develop local economic potentials and accelerate logistics.

Vital Role of Transportation and Logistics

The account above shows that transportation and logistics or warehousing sectors have a vital role in community consumption and business (commerce, manufacturing industry, and construction). Both are the driving forces behind the national economic growth.

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Thus, businesspeople need to run both efficiently and effectively to support their business. Effectiveness and efficiency are important in maximizing their profits.

However, companies need help in managing transportation and logistics to ensure efficiency. Such help is guaranteed by collaborating with a transportation and logistics company.

Choose a Trusted Transportation and Logistics Company

PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) is a reliable transportation and logistics company. It is a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk, renowned as one the biggest transportation and logistics companies in Indonesia.

Since 1990, SERA has provided services under various brands: car rental (TRAC), logistics services (SELOG), car auctions (IBID), and used cars (mobil88). These lines of business prove that SERA runs a successful business and is trusted.

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Initially established to provide vehicle rental solutions, SERA has become the largest, industry-leading transportation provider. With over 32 years of experience, SERA continues innovating and providing effective, efficient, and high-quality logistics services through SERA Logistic (SELOG).

Under the SELOG brand, this unit answers customers’ needs for comprehensive logistics solutions through a series of diverse services. SELOG services are supported by cutting-edge digital technology to make customers’ businesses easier, more effective, and more efficient.

With its Astra Fleet Management Solution (FMS), SERA provides businesses in Indonesia with IT-based comprehensive solutions for managing fleet vehicles. SERA also has a well-maintained fleet of vehicles and equipment. Thus, they are ready to use anytime.

To learn more about SERA’s profile and its services, including SELOG, visit its official website at