These LCGC Cars Sold Out Quickly at Auction Houses

LCGC: Easily Sold Out Cars at Auction Houses

More and more people are buying their used cars from auction houses. Why? Because auctions give them better deals and fairer, more transparent pricing.

In particular, car auctions organized by auction houses are getting easier to join as they now happen online, so you can bid on the car you want from virtually anywhere.

Some auctioned cars attract participants and become the top ones to be sold out. Additionally, these models of auctioned cars are also hard to get.

It seems some low-cost green cars (LCGCs) are still popular to bid on by used car participants at auction houses, given their diverse range of models and reasonable prices, which makes them affordable. A model of LCGC has been equipped with a small hatchback or 7-seater.

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You can choose two options to bid on the LCGC: Toyota Agya and Calya. The price varies and generally falls in the range of Rp100 million. It is no wrong if these cars are relatively affordable. Its fuel efficiency is unquestionable. Moreover, its features are still adequate to meet urban commute needs.

There are two options for the Daihatsu brand: Sigra and Ayla, which are quite similar to Calya and Agya. For the hatchback, Honda Brio Satya is enlisted in this LCGC.

Buying LCGC Used Cars at IBID Auction

If you are looking for LCGC used cars at a low price, you may check the IBID auction house. Unlike the selling price from the used car showroom, the price for LCGC at the IBID auction house is considered to be much lower than the market price. That is why the number of LCGC units is limited because it is quickly sold out when the auction opens. 

Today, models like Daihatsu Sigra and Toyota Calya are available at the IBID auction house. You can check them via IBID’s official website at website resmi IBID.

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For your consideration, the manual transmission of the 2023 Daihatsu Sigra 1.0 D only costs Rp115 million. Another is the manual transmission of 2021 Daihatsu Sigra 1.0 D, which starts from Rp104 million. 

Then, an automated transmission of the 2022 Toyota Calya 1.2 G starts from Rp129 million. Meanwhile, the 2016 Toyota Agya 1.0 G AT costs Rp94 million for the cheaper one with a grade C.

If you want a higher grade, a 2021 Daihatsu Sigra 1.2 R manual starts from Rp122 million with a grade A.

IBID Auctioned Cars through Inspection Process

One of the benefits the IBID auction house offers is the Astra Car Valuation system (ACV), so you can directly see the quality value of the cars divided into several grades. From the results, some car price recommendations will be ready to be auctioned based on the data.

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A trustworthy auction house under PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) established in 2007, IBID offers the convenience of participating in live auctions through the IBID application available on Google’s Play Store.

IBID, under Astra Group, has sold more than 27,000 four-wheeled vehicles at the auctions and held more than 500 auction events annually until the end of 2016.

IBID organizes auctions on a weekly basis in its 10 office branches across Indonesia. So far, over 30 cities in Indonesia have become where IBID’s auctions are held. IBID runs three kinds of auctions: Live Auction, Timed Auction, and Flash Auction.

Interested in joining auctions at IBID? Download the IBID app on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store or visit