Here’s How to Sell a Car for a Quick Sale

Selling used cars has become a common practice among people in Indonesia. The reasons for selling a car can vary. Some people sell their cars to better suit their needs, while others sell theirs simply to stay current with trends.

Besides being a means of transportation, cars also serve as a symbol of social status. When your income rises, you typically get a new car instead of keeping your old one. 

However, selling a used car is more challenging than it may seem. Sometimes a car can sell faster if offered at a very low price. There are also cases where a car can be sold for a fair price, but it may take a long time to find a buyer.

Therefore, you can only simply offer it with consideration to ensure a reasonable sale price and minimize the time taken to sell a used car. There are some factors to consider. 

Indeed, it is true that selling a used car below the market price is often the easiest way to sell it. However, why sell cheaply when the price can be raised significantly with a little extra work and the used car will appear ‘more valuable’ to prospective buyers?

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Here are some easy ways to sell a used car at the best possible price and in the shortest possible time.

Tips for Selling a Used Car Quickly and Profitably

Make sure your car is in good condition

The first thing to consider is the condition of the car you want to sell. Inspect the car’s condition for any issues with the exterior, interior, engine, and other aspects. Do not sell a car as it is.

Perform minor repairs that are not too costly, time-consuming, or labor-intensive to make the car more visually appealing. If the car’s paintwork is not shiny enough, you can take it to a car detailing or polishing service to have it polished or detailed. 

If there are any damages, strange noises, or malfunctioning components, perform repairs at a reputable workshop to ensure the car is in good working condition. Even though you do not need to fix everything, it is a good idea to take care of any obvious damages or issues that might deter potential buyers from test-driving the car.

It is important to keep the car’s service records, so potential buyers can verify that the owner has maintained regular upkeep and has not abandoned the vehicle.

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Always check the market prices

The next step is to check the market price of your car. Do a little research to ensure you get accurate information about the model, type, and year of the car you want to sell. For instance, the price of a 2017 Toyota Avanza E with a manual transmission will certainly differ from the automatic version of the same year, especially if the year and type are different.

Once you have an idea of the typical price range in the market, decide a suitable price range for the car you are selling based on its condition. Avoid setting a price too high from the market price because this will make the sales process more difficult and time-consuming. On the other hand, do not set the price too low from the market price to avoid losing money.

Check the standard accessories

Standard accessories, such as a tool kit, spare kit, service book, owner’s manual, warranty card, spare key, and sometimes an extra key, are typically included with every car.

Be careful not to misplace these items! If these accessories are complete, your car will be considered higher quality because it indicates good car maintenance. 

Restore the car to its initial condition

There is one more thing that requires your attention. Unmodified cars typically sell faster and for better prices than modified cars, especially those that have been modified extensively. 

For example, the modification includes using larger tires and wheels than the original size, installing a sophisticated audio system, changing the interior, and others.

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If the car has already been modified, return it to its original state to make it more attractive to potential buyers. The modified components can be offered separately or even sold individually.

Check the vehicle documents

Make sure all vehicle documents are available. You do not need to pay off the tax arrears, but they will reduce the car’s selling price. Complete vehicle documents and service records will make potential customers more confident to buy the car. 

Sell the car at a trusted place

The place where you sell your car is also one of the determining factors of its selling price. If you sell your car in an unreliable and unsafe place, not only may your old car be undervalued, but you could also fall victim to the increasing scams in the used car market. 

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