66th in the World, Indonesia's Public Transportation Hasn't Improved

Indonesia has to improve its public transportation. Such a necessity stems from the fact that modes of transportation or vehicles, particularly motor vehicles, are an important element of modern life.

Motor vehicle helps mobilize or move people or goods from one place to another for various reasons and needs. Additionally, it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of such mobility.

It is a much-needed production tool supporting seamless and successful mobility for economic activities.

Therefore, all relevant stakeholders in every country worldwide need to pay attention to their transportation conditions, especially public transportation, as it is vital for public mobility.

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There is a not-so-fun fact about Indonesia’s public transportation. According to the 2019 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report, drafted based on a survey by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2019, of all 140 countries, Indonesia ranked 66th.

One thing to note is that the survey by WEF was conducted to assess the adequacy of public transportation modes in a country as well as

the traffic, the time taken to go from one place to another, and the interconnection or connectivity between modes of transportation.

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Reasons for Lower Rank for Indonesia’s Public Transportation

Several things determine the low rank of public transportation of a country, including Indonesia.

One is a traffic jam, which takes place due to the public’s reluctance to use public transportation for various reasons such as low security, inconvenience, and the limited number of fleets.

Traffic jam urges people to ride their own vehicles to go places. Additionally, road expansion still cannot accommodate the rising number of vehicles.

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Furthermore, the public transportation issue is becoming more complex in Indonesia and other countries, as it encompasses the environmental issue — one that has been garnering the attention of global entities. one that has been garnering the attention of global entities.

All city and national governments around the world, including Indonesia, have been trying to address this issue

along with other new issues, such as the vehicle dimension exceeding the allowable limit (vehicle over-dimension) and the cargo loaded onto the vehicle exceeding the allowable limit (vehicle overload).

Additionally, governments have determined lanes for commercial and personal vehicles to address traffic jams. All measures taken by the governments apparently introduced new consequences.

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As a result, public modes of transportation are considered inefficient. To address such a situation, those who particularly need to use vehicles for urgent purposes or business opt for rental vehicles.

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