Use Inspection Service When Buying a Used Car at an Auction House

Using the inspection service when buying a used car can be the right solution to get the best quality car. You might want to consider taking this step, especially when you don’t buy the car in a used car showroom, but in a used car auction house instead.

Many people are in doubt or pessimistic about winning a purchase in an auction, but have started choosing auction houses to buy used cars. The principle of an auction is placing the highest bid possible. So, a potential buyer with the courage to place the highest bid will likely win the auction.

Such doubt is unnecessary if you understand how to participate in an auction correctly, effectively, and efficiently. What’s more, buying a used car at an auction is fairer than buying via interpersonal transaction.

It’s best to apply special strategies to buy a used car at a more affordable price. Though most auctioned cars are still in good shapes, some others are not. You need to be extra careful in selecting them.

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To join an auction and get a quality used car at a reasonable price, you can use an inspection service or Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI). Auction participants can usually observe the auctioned items 3-5 days before the auction day.

Make good use of that short time to observe the items and the inspection service, especially regarding the machine quality and the vehicle registration certificate.

So, in addition to providing the details about the used cars, what are the benefits of using the inspection service? Read more here!

3 Benefits of Using the Inspection Service

Provide the Best Used Car Options

PPI’s role is important to make sure of the used car’s marketability.  While you are already targeting the car type, year of release, color, and transmission type, the role of the inspection service is to check the availability of units that fulfill the same criteria and to recommend the best unit with a reasonable price.

Avoid Overbudgeting When Buying a Used Car

The car inspection service costs range from IDR250,000 to IDR500,000 per inspection unit. When you narrow down to 2-3 potential cars, you will only need to spend about IDR750,000 to IDR2,000,000 at the most.

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Imagine buying a used car that has been hit by a flood or an accident, and sudden damage might happen because no proper inspection was done.

You will need to spend more money only on repairing and changing the spare parts. For example, a damaged car CVT transmission may cost tens of millions.

Damaged parts of used cars have a long-term negative impact, causing them to be inoperable.

So, it’ll be better to use the inspection service before buying a used car, to avoid spending a lot of money for repairing huge damage.

Make Sure the Completeness of All the Necessary Documents

Car inspection is not only about checking the car’s exterior and interior parts, machines, wheels, or frame. It should also cover the car’s documents, such as the authenticity of the vehicle registration plate, vehicle ownership document, and vehicle tax status.

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Car inspection also makes sure if the car is operable by inspecting the acceleration, overheating and short circuit potentials, fuel efficiency, to emission test.

In other words, a car inspection service is ideal to ensure whether the car is operable based on its performance and legality.

Buy a Used Car from a Trusted Auction House

When it comes to trusted auction houses in Indonesia, one of them is PT Balai Lelang Serasi, with IBID-branded business activities.

Established in 2007, the auction house owned by PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) is trustworthy and offers you greater ease as you can join an online live auction right from the IBID app which you can download to your smartphone.

IBID, under Astra Group, has sold more than 27,000 four-wheeled vehicles at the auctions and held more than 500 auction events annually until the end of 2016.

IBID hosts weekly auctions at its 10 branch offices across Indonesia. So far, over 30 cities in Indonesia have become where IBID’s auctions are held.

Want to join an auction at IBID? You can download the IBID app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store or visit