Used Car Prices Drop After Lebaran Myth or Fact?

There has been this widespread belief that used car prices are lower after Lebaran. It is backed by the phenomenon of people selling their cars after Lebaran.

However, some people believe the opposite; after Lebaran, used car prices tend to be higher. The reason is that the cars sold are mostly newer models.

If there is a high demand, the prices certainly skyrocket. So, are lower prices of used cars post-Lebaran a myth or a fact? The answer to this question depends on the supply and demand situation.

After Lebaran, used car prices typically drop since many people use the cars only for the holiday.

Once it is over, they sell their cars. This means there will be a high supply of used cars, decreasing their prices.

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Furthermore, people need more money after Lebaran to cover their daily needs, such as their kids’ tuition fees and others.

Additionally, the number of people wanting to buy used cars tends to decline. This translates into lower demand in the market. 

That aside, you need to think very carefully before buying used cars from showrooms since there is a chance that many of them may have issues that are not yet or cannot be resolved by the auto repair shops prior to being sold.

To Get the Best Deals for Used Cars, Visit a Reliable Showroom

To avoid getting a mediocre car, buy a used car only at reputable and reliable used car showrooms.

When it comes to reputable and reliable used car showrooms, mobil88 is one of them. It is owned by PT Serasi Mitra Mobil, business line of PT Serasi Autoraya or SERA.

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Certified and reliable inspectors have thoroughly inspected every used car sold by mobil88.

The inspection results serve as a reference for guaranteeing the cars’ good condition to customers and for fair pricing of the cars for sale at mobil88.

This dealer never sells cars caught in a flood or an accident. Thus, you can buy used cars at fixed prices without worrying about their quality.

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With mobil88’s more than 30 years of experience, its systems and procedures are both professional and acclaimed.

Now, mobil88 has 20 branches across big cities in Indonesia: Medan, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Balikpapan, DKI Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok, Tangerang, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

For more information about mobil88, visit its official website at