Simple and Easy Menus for Office Iftar Gathering

The holy month of Ramadan cannot be separated from breaking the fast together. Families, old friends, alumni, and colleagues must have planned iftar gatherings.

As there’s still time left before the collective leave days of Eid al-Fitr, you can try to plan for a simple yet hearty office iftar gathering. It promotes togetherness among colleagues and allows those who rarely interact to know each other.

To bring fun, prepare games to be played together. Give punishment to the losing team or individualby asking them to sing, dance, or recite a quatrain.

To make it simple, no need to spend a lot of money on the dishes. Just several light menus are adequate to break the fast. They are served not to satisfy the appetite but to create harmony among employees.

Six Simple and Easy Menus for Office Iftar Gathering

Fried Foods

These foods are so popular that they almost become must-haves during iftar. Available in various types, they are easy to get. The most popular fried foods are bakwan (vegetable fritter), fried tempe, tofu, and cireng (fried tapioca fritter).

However, avoid overeating them,as their oil content is bad for your health. Eat in moderation, and remember to drink lots of water!

Siomay (dumpling)

You can buy this snack from almost all supermarkets and street vendors. Siomay is very easy to serve and having it while working is nice. It’s easy to reheat it using a microwave if there’s any at your office. Add chili sauce or salty soy sauce for a better taste of the siomay.

Fruit Salad

Another option for your office iftar is fruit salad. This sweet and sour dessert is easy to get and perfect to spice up your work. In addition, fruit salad is healthyto provide vitamins and freshen your body.

Instant Foods

You can also serve instant foods for your office iftar. They are tasty and easy to prepare. You can prepare moderate portions of instant noodles or porridge at the office.

After finishing them, you can go home and resume your iftar with a more complete menu. Remember to eat these foods in moderation, as overconsuming them can lead to weight gain, diabetes, etc.


For cakes and sweet dessert lovers, cakes are the perfect iftar menu at the office. They are easy to get, practical, and healthy. If you like baking, a cake is quite easy to make. You can make it at home and bring it to work.

Dried foods

You can choose dried foods as an alternative to instant and packaged foods. Dried foods have low water content, so you can bring them everywhere, including your office, as no special storage method is needed.

Dried foods that are inherently dry, such as dates, beans, dried fruits, bread, and baked cakes and cookies can be served in your office iftar.

Meanwhile, manually dried and preserved foods, such as chicken/beef floss and dried teri fish (like anchovy), are perfect for rice. You can also consume dried oatmeal as an alternative.

Another dried and processed food suitable for iftar is a homemade one, the infamous rendang. Those simple and easy menus are interesting options for your office iftar gathering. Togetherness facilitates communication among employees to reach company goals.

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