Thinking of Using an LCGC for Lebaran? Check Out These Tips

Tips for Using an LCGC for Lebaran

The 2023 homecoming season (mudik) for Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran is approaching. It is better to prepare early for the season: before the Ramadan month begins.

The preparation includes ensuring the car is ready for safe and comfortable use. Regardless of the car’s type and class, ensuring its prime condition is the main priority.

It requires the driver’s physical readiness and the vehicle’s to be used in the homecoming trip, especially the long one. It is not only about comfort but also safety.

So, what about using a Low-Cost Green Car (LCGC), be it a hatchback or a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), for the trip? You can surely use it as there are no rules forbidding such use, not even Law No. 22 of 2009 on Road Transportation Traffic.

Things to Pay Attention to When Going Mudik Lebaran with LCGC

However, you must observe and understand the characteristics and conditions of your LCGC.

First, avoid carrying excessive loads when using LCGC. It is because LCGC engine’s small capacity of only 1.2 or even 1.0 liter.

You are putting yourself in danger if you drive this car on a slope, especially if the car is full of people and luggage items. You might often hear about a slumping overload LCGC.

Second, you should understand the power-to-weight ratio of your LCGC, so you know how much load it can carry. You can look for information about your LCGC’s power-to-weight ratio online.

Third, LCGC has fewer features. Its suspension system cannot optimally give comfort on your trip.

You will quickly get tired because the suspension will be heavy on the long trip, urging you to constantly take rests along your trip.

Again, you must think carefully about using LCGC on the homecoming trip. Ensure the prime quality and condition of the LCGC before using it for the trip.

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