Eat These for Suhoor and Iftar to Maintain Your Concentration at Work

One of the challenges to those fasting is maintaining their concentration at work. It is undeniable that the body lacks energy due to the lack of food intake. Thus, people can only do limited activities.

Fasting has justified people not to play their roles and responsibilities at work. However, fasting and work are acts of worship, so both can be done simultaneously. None of them is more important than the other.

The key to maintaining work performance is ensuring nutrition during your suhoor and iftar meals. As the body’s main energy source, every food you consume directly impacts the blood and oxygen supply to the brain to maintain your concentration.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to every food intake during the fasting month. Avoid eating too much and paying no attention to nutritional intake.

You can eat some healthy foods to maintain concentration while fasting.

Five Foods to Maintain Your Concentration

Dark Chocolate

A study by Michelle Montopoli et al. in 2015 reveals that consuming dark chocolate with more than 50% cacao boosts brain performance. Thus, you can be more alert and attentive.

You can also drink two cups of chocolate a day during the entire month to boost the blood flow to the brain. This help improves your memory and concentration levels to be more stable.

You can try to consume chocolate routinely during suhoor and iftar. Try having nutritious dark chocolate, instead of syrup, for your iftar.


Research in 2008 revealed that a student consuming bananas before an examination had better brain performance than other students who did not.

With complete nutrition such as potassium, fiber, zinc, and magnesium, bananas can be an alternative dessert after having your suhoor meal. Thus, when you arrive at work, your brain is readier with nutritional intake from the banana.


Eggs are known to be children’s favorite food. In actual fact, they boost brain health. Eggs are rich in protein. Omega-3 fatty acids in eggs are believed to boost brain performance. Eggs can improve your memory, focus, and mood.

In addition, eggs contain choline, which is closely related to vitamin B and protects brain membranes so they can continue developing.


All types of fish are good to eat. However, salmon, in particular, directly impacts brain functions. Salmon can prevent cognitive decline, build new cells, and strengthen synapses directly related to brain memory.

Additionally, protein in salmon is believed to keep your brain focused when doing daily activities.


A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2010) shows that drinking blueberry juice a day boosts brain and memory performance in every activity you do.

In addition, antioxidant compounds in blueberry improve memory by activating brain-protecting enzymes. Don’t forget to consume blueberry when you have your suhoor or iftar.

You can try those foods to maintain your concentration at work during fasting. So you can still do your tasks effectively while fasting. As an employee, you must finish your tasks on time according to the work ethos.

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