Follow These Tips to Keep a Balance Between Your Work and Worship during the Fasting Month

The holy month of Ramadan is known to be full of worship and kindness. During Ramadan, Muslims are obliged to fast and are recommended to perform non-obligatory acts of worship.

However, for those working, doing activities while fasting is a challenge. The lack of food intake deprives the body of energy. Consequently, productivity falls.

In addition, dividing time between worship and work poses a challenge. Nevertheless, they are not choices. There must be a balance as both of them deserve God's reward.

Thus, you can focus on performing acts of worship to get many rewards from God while being responsible for your work.

There are some ways to keep a balance between acts of worship and work when you are fasting. They can be done simultaneously while performing acts of worship and doing work.

3 Tips to Maintain a Balance between Acts of Worship and Work while Fasting

Establish Goals

Cited from Productive Muslim, the first tip for balancing worship and work when fasting is to establish your goals during Ramadan.

You can set your goals at the beginning of Ramadan. For example, you want to complete

the reading of Al Qur’an at least once before Ramadan ends. You may also want to perform more non-obligatory prayers with more devotion in the last third of the night during Ramadan.

Whatever your goals, make sure that they are detailed and attainable. Thus, you can take the right steps to reach them.

Prioritize Important Tasks

Upon arriving in your office, you can prioritize important tasks to finish. In the morning, you are still fit and have not been too hungry. Thus, you have much energy to do the tasks given to you.

After your tasks are finished, you can perform acts of worship conveniently. For this reason, it is important to make a to-do list containing your priority tasks. It allows you to spend the rest of your time performing more acts of worship.

Thus, you can still balance acts of worship and work while fasting. After all, older people once said that we must pursue the world and the afterlife.

Perform Acts of Worship during Your Break

The last tip for maintaining a balance between worship and work when fasting is to perform the acts of worship during your break.

As you do not have lunch, instead of taking a nap, you can take your break to do useful things to attain your goals in Ramadan.

If you want to complete the reading of the Al Qur'an, you can do it little by little after the midday prayer. As the break is long enough, you can target reading at least 1 juz of Al Qur'an daily.

Those are some simple ways to maintain a balance between worship and work while fasting. As an obedient servant, you should do more good deeds in Ramadan. Nevertheless, you must also stay productive to finish every task.

Thus, no task may be delayed by fasting. You should perform your task better as it has a religious value and demonstrate the employee's work ethic.

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