Are Cars Aged Over 10 Worth Buying? Here Is What You Need to Know

Before Buying a Car Aged Over 10, Thoroughly Check Its Condition

People’s high interest in owning a car on a budget gave rise to the trend of buying used cars aged over 10 for personal use.

For those with a limited budget, used cars are an alternative to a new car. Generally, they look for good-quality used cars with up-to-date features and a modern look manufactured in recent years.

However, due to a limited budget, people often settle for used cars that do not meet all the criteria. This is understandable since cars with more recent model years are sold at a higher price

and vice versa. That is why many people opt for used cars with older model years, such as those aged over 10. Here comes the important question: are cars aged over 10 worth buying?

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The Car’s Model Year Does Not Determine Its Quality

The car’s age (counted from its model year) is not the only thing indicating its quality. The car’s maintenance record and the previous owner’s use of it are the indicators that show its quality.

Despite a recent model year, used cars are most likely of poor quality if they are not maintained and used properly.

Meanwhile, those with older model years are likely of better quality if they were maintained and used properly. You can find out a used car’s quality by checking its vehicle service book.

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Thus, before buying a used car, ask for the car service book first. This way, you can be certain of its service and use history.

If the car service book was only filled for a brief period since the owner serviced the car at an unauthorized repair workshop(s), ask at which workshop(s) they serviced the car. You may ask about the car’s service history at the concerned unauthorized repair workshops.

Meanwhile, how the previous owner used the car can be seen directly in the car. Examine the car’s exterior and interior to see if both are still in complete and proper condition (no breakage, cracks, or holes).

Conduct a Thorough Inspection Before Buying a Used Car

Here, skills and knowledge are indeed necessary to avoid being scammed. Thus, in addition to paying attention to the car’s appearance, you also inspect various components of the car you want to buy.

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If you don’t have the skills or knowledge, hiring an experienced and trusted inspector to check the car is highly recommended. Your overall budget might rise due to the extra cost of using this service.

However, if you want to avoid that, buying a used car from a highly reputable and trusted used car showroom or dealer is best. Speaking of which, mobil88 is the solution.

The used car dealer owned by PT Serasi Mitra Mobil (a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya) never sells cars caught in a flood or an accident. Each used car sold at mobil88 has been thoroughly inspected by certified and reliable inspectors.

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The inspection results serve as a reference for guaranteeing the cars’ good condition to customers. The same inspection results serve as a reference for pricing so that the selling price becomes fairer.

With more than 30 years of experience, mobil88 has a professional work system and procedure recognized for its credibility.

Today, mobil88 has more than 20 branch dealerships located in Indonesia’s major cities. Some of them include Medan, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Balikpapan, DKI Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok, Tangerang, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

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