Reasons Why Mining Companies Should Use Rental Cars as an Operational Vehicle

For mining companies, an operational vehicle is a necessity that requires careful consideration. Companies often have to decide to buy or rent operational vehicles.

This is understandable, given that the roads in the mining area are quite challenging. Thus, cars with certain specifications and maintenance are needed.

Operational vehicles must be supported by a four-wheel drive (4WD) system to ensure they run smoothly. This is because mining area typically has bumpy and unpaved roads.

This condition is certainly a challenge for vehicles in that area. Besides, mining activities may be hindered when the roads become slippery due to rain unless a 4WD vehicle is used.

In addition to the 4WD system, operational vehicles for mining usually have an open part at the back (pickup). The purpose is to carry mining products. There are 2 types of this pickup truck, namely single cabin and double cabin.

There are several reasons why mining companies should choose rental cars as their operational vehicles so they can stay effective and efficient. These reasons are based on the following considerations.

3 Reasons to Choose Car Rental Service for Mining Operations

Assets Depreciation Prevention

This reason is the most important thing to consider when planning to buy an operational vehicle for mining.

Cars used for mining areas generally have a shorter lifespan than ordinary cars. This is because cars for mining run more often, so their mileage is high, and they do not have a prime condition.

Companies must renew the cars at least once every five years to keep mining operations running smoothly. This means that if the operational vehicle belongs to a company, the company must immediately sell it at a reasonable price at that time.

This could inflict a financial loss, as the price will certainly drop. Moreover, it is not in prime condition. It will take a long time to sell.

Zero Maintenance Fees

Due to the high frequency of operation, the maintenance of vehicles for mining cannot be compared with the maintenance of ordinary passenger cars. 

The mileage of passenger cars is usually 10,000 kilometers per year, but it is different for cars for mining areas. For these cars, the 10,000 kilometers mileage can sometimes be achieved in just a month. 

This is caused by bumpy roads and mining operations that often last up to 24 hours. Therefore, cars for mining require more attention when it comes to maintenance.

When taken to the repair shop for maintenance, several components may need to be replaced regularly. Failure to do so will reduce vehicle performance and hinder mining operations.

You can avoid such situations by using a car rental service for mining operations. Moreover, car maintenance costs will be fully covered by the rental company. Thus, companies can cut their expenses each month.

Guaranteed Replacement Units Availability

The next consideration is the availability of replacement units when the vehicle is under repair. This should never stop the mining operations. By using a car rental service, mining operations can keep running.

The rental company will provide a replacement vehicle that can be used when the one you rent is under repair. As a result, companies can solely focus on their business and remain effective and efficient.

These reasons may convince you to choose a rental car service that can meet the operational needs of your mining company.

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TRAC offers 2 types of 4WD cars, namely singleand double cabins, as well as several other cars for mining which may be needed. Car Rental for Mining Operations

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