Weighing the Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car at an Auction

Hunting for a Used Car at an Auction? See the Pros and Cons

Buying a used car can be a solution to owning your dream car. There are many reasons why people prefer to shop for a used car, such as having a tight budget or looking for a specific car type or model that is no longer in production.

A car dealer or showroom is not the only option for car hunting, as online platforms also facilitate used car sales. Another option for buying a used car is at an auction house, which is currently booming.

Auctions are growing in popularity as more people become aware that an auction is not restricted to wholesale buyers and that individuals can purchase a single item. Moreover, potential buyers are increasingly aware of the many benefits of buying a used car at an auction.

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The Pros of Buying a Used Car at an Auction

Lower Price

The first advantage of buying a car at an auction is that the price is usually below the market price. In fact, when calculated, the price of a car sold at an auction can be tens of millions of rupiah cheaper than one sold in a showroom.

The price of a used car sold at an auction versus one sold in a showroom can vary significantly. A used car at an auction house is sold in its original state or as-is. Thus, the car has not gone through a reconditioning process or got repaired for its existing damage.

However, potential buyers find such arrangements more favorable for them because they are more aware of the actual condition of their target car. Thus, buyers can rest assured that they’re not making a wrong choice or losing money. 

An auction organizer will offer cars based on their condition grade for fair sales. For example, cars in excellent condition will be classified as grade A, moderate as grade B, and inferior as grade C. The grading system will determine the pricing at the auction.

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Authentic Car Documents

Another advantage is that auctioned cars are certain to have official documents, such as the Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK), the Title and Registration Paper (BPKB), and even the vehicle invoice. Thus, you will have no trouble transferring the vehicle’s title.

That being said, you can enjoy all these benefits if the auction organizer has a professional and trusted work system and procedure like the one you can find at the auction house PT Balai Lelang Serasi or IBID.

A subsidiary of PT Serasi AutoRaya (SERA) under Astra Group, IBID is a highly credible and reputable auction house in Indonesia. IBID simplifies every step of the auction process, including placing a bid and carrying out the procedures that follow a sale.

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In addition to offline auctions, IBID, established in 2007, organizes online auctions for an easier process for the participants. To participate, you can enter a Live Auction on the IBID app available on Play Store and App Store.

One of the top features of the IBID Live Auction is the Auto Bid, where you can place a more orderly and calculated bid.

With this feature, you refrain from overbidding as you have previously set the maximum bidding price and each bidding price. All you need to do is to monitor the auction process on your phone screen.

And it’s very simple to use this feature. Just activate Auto BID on the app and enter the highest amount for each bid and the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the auctioned car.

Therefore, you can bid from anywhere without having to be present at the auction venue. You can even do other activities without leaving the auction process.

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