Rent a Safe and Comfortable Tour Bus, Don't be Swayed by a Low Price

It is more fun and memorable to go on vacation with family, colleagues, or friends at the end of the year. The turn of the year always becomes a special memory.

Especially, a vacation or recreation is a means to refresh the physical and psychological state after a full year of completing work assignments. This will become a reality if the holiday ritual, from trip preparations to activities at the destination, runs safely and comfortably.

Everything will be memorable if the atmosphere is full of togetherness. Traveling in groups, in particular, will be much more comfortable and intimate if you use a large vehicle, such as a tour bus.

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Careful in Selecting a Tour Bus RentalService

Selecting a tour bus should be done carefully, as many buses are experiencing break down or problems in the middle of the trip. These cases are a valuable lesson for you to be more careful in choosing a bus rental service.

If these things happen, you will not enjoy the atmosphere of togetherness and pleasant experiences, but quite the opposite. Such experience can trigger bad impression or cause traumatic feelings on vacation.

This is why it is crucial to choose a tour bus that is worth renting. This is because safety and comfort must be the top priority to be taken into account. Indeed, for ordinary people, this condition is quite difficult. Especially if you don't have experience of renting a tour bus. You'll be swayed by the low price.

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Choose a Tour Bus Rental Service with a Good Reputation

In order to get certainty, you should choose a bus rental service that has high credibility. When looking for a trustworthy bus rental company, TRAC is the answer. 

In addition to cars, this rental company of Astra Group also has many bus options that you can rent, from Small and Medium buses to Big and Luxury buses.

You can choose from 11-seater to 59-seater bus. TRAC prioritizes safety—every seat in its buses is equipped with a seat belt.

To give additional benefits to its customers, some buses even come with Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, bathroom, karaoke machine, as well as kitchen countertop and pantry. Every TRAC bus is equipped with glass breakers, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers.

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With more than 30 years of experience, the company is also supported by professional and experienced drivers. This further enhances the convenience and the safety that their buses provide.

In addition, TRAC drivers have safe driving skills and understand the guidelines for service ethic standards to customers.

TRAC always implement strict protocols for customers who want to use its services. In any business activity, TRAC implements its own protocol called SMART, SMART (Sanitized, Wear a Mask, Ready to Go).

The health protocol implemented by TRAC involves Sanitize by sanitizing cars with disinfectants between uses, while Wear a Mask requires both drivers and customers to wear mask. When these two steps are completed, TRAC is Ready to Go to serve its customers.

TRAC also always prioritizes health protocols in each of its services to ensure the health and safety of its customers in their mobility through various procedures for curbing the spread of COVID-19.

TRAC services is now even more accessible. You can use the TRACtoGo application which can be downloaded for free from the Google Playstore and the Apple Appstore.