Easy Ways To Know a Car's Odometer Has Not Been Reset

How Not to be Fooled by a Car's Odometer That Has Been Reset

You can use many ways to find out the quality of a used car before buying it. For example, check the odometer to see how far the car has traveled. This is considered to be the most accurate way of identifying a car's condition.

Many people think that the lower the mileage of a car, the better its condition will be, and vice versa.

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Though it is very relative, people still use it as a benchmark when buying a used car. The analogy is simple. If a car is driven too frequently, with such a mileage indicator, then the condition of its components and some parts of it is also susceptible to damage. Therefore, it is normal that checking the odometer always becomes a major concern.

As a buyer, you are certainly willing to pay a fairly high price, as long as you get a used car of good quality. This can be distinguished by low mileage.

However, the smarter the buyer, the smarter the seller. Due to the increasing awareness of car odometers, many used car dealers play unfairly in order to trick potential buyers.

They can reset the odometer on cars with high mileage. This way, potential buyers will be easily tempted, and the seller gets maximum profit.

You can use several ways to avoid being fooled by sly used car sellers who like to reset the car's odometer. They include the following.

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Look at the Car Service History

The easiest way to find out whether the car's odometer is still original or has been reset is to check its service history. The mechanic will record the mileage that appears on the car's odometer every time a car undergoes a service.

When you want to buy a used car, make sure to check the car service history card which is usually hung behind the steering wheel. If you can't find a service card, don't hesitate to contact the repair shop where the car was last serviced. This is to ensure the mileage appearing on the odometer and the information provided by the mechanic are accurate.

Check the Details of All Parts of the Car

Check all parts of the car in detail before buying a used car, from the exterior, interior, the engine sound, to the undercarriage.

Then, determine if the conditions you've observed are in accordance with the car’s age. If you don't understand this, don't hesitate to have an inspector carry out these various checks.

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Pay attention to the Tires

The tires may also be a crucial indicator of whether the car's odometer is genuine or not. You can check the tire thickness and whether they match the mileage on the odometer. In general, if the car's mileage is still low, then the tires must still be thick. But if they are thin, you should be suspicious.

Take a Look around the Dashboard

Lastly, you can pay close attention to the area around the dashboard of the car you want to buy. You need to check if there are some parts that are not tightly closed. If the car’s odometer has been reset, its dashboard may look like it’s not tightly closed. This is because, when resetting the odometer some parts of the dashboard must be opened by force.

These methods are not easy to do and require special expertise and precision. Moreover, many new car owners do not take their vehicles to an official repair shop for service after the warranty period expires.

Even in public repair shops, services are rarely recorded in sequence and with certainty. So it will be difficult to see the repair and maintenance history.

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This is also the case with cars’ physical appearance. There is a possibility that a relatively new car that rarely travels long distances receives poor maintenance.

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