A Well-maintained Fleet Reflects a Good Bus Rental Company

Choose a Bus Rental Company That Maintains Its Fleet, or You Might Regret It Later!

When renting a bus as the mode of transportation for your trip, it is critical that you do not base your decision solely on the rental fee. Instead, you should focus on the Minimum Service Standards (MSS). These standards specify the minimum qualifications for bus roadworthiness and passenger comfort. One of the standard criteria that must be met is a well-maintained fleet.

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Before renting a tour bus for your trip, there are a few things you should do. 

First, ensure that the rental company has a bus operator’s license. With this license, the bus has at least undergone a roadworthiness inspection performed by officials from the Ministry of Transportation in Indonesia.

Examine the bus you want to rent physically. The inspection checklists include the tires. Verify that they are roadworthy by confirming that the tread depth is sufficient and that they are not low-quality retreaded tires.

Next, check for cracked or broken windows and windshields, and all the mirrors are installed and have clear visibility. Do not forget to check the seats as well. More importantly, examine the bus’ appearance and compare it to the model year shown on the bus document.

An older model-year bus should be avoided even if it appears to be in good conditions. While the bus’ exterior does not guarantee roadworthiness, an older model-year correlates with higher mileage.

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You should also consider the rental company’s reputation. Choose a trustworthy, experienced company that offers excellent services and bus options that suit your travel needs, including adherence to health protocols.

Find out what features are available. These include safety devices, such as glass breakers in an emergency and seat belts, and medical supplies, such as medicine for mild conditions and first aid kits. Next, check all the amenities, such as TVs, audio equipment, and air conditioning. If necessary, verify whether the bus comes with Wi-Fi, whether pillows and blankets are available, and whether the cabin smells decent.

Recommended Bus Rental Company

Based on the information above, TRAC is the recommended bus rental company if you plan to rent a bus. TRAC’s bus rental services cater to any group traveling needs of individual or corporate customers, whether for a nearcation or a trip out of town.

TRAC Bus offers services for various travel needs, including sightseeing tours, family outings, office or school trips, etc. TRAC Bus can also provide shuttle services for employees, residents, students, and MICE delegates.

Every TRAC bus is maintained carefully, with the interior comfort preserved. At TRAC, safety is of the utmost importance. That is why every seat has been equipped with safety belts. Some buses are even outfitted with Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, bathroom, karaoke machine, as well as kitchen countertops and pantries.

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Various Bus Rental Options

In addition to the Luxury Bus, TRAC also offers various other options, from Small and Medium Buses to Big Buses. Furthermore, you can choose from 11-passenger to 59-passenger buses.

TRAC also provides deluxe buses with full amenities, where you can hold meetings with your business partners or sing karaoke en route to your destination. These include air conditioning, TVs, DVD players, karaoke setup, reclining seats, hand rest, electricity, meeting room, etc.

Established in 1986, TRAC is also known for its compliance with regulations and standards for drivers of rental vehicles, including buses.  In addition to having experience, certifications, and safety driving skills, the drivers are also trained in customer service ethics.

Now you can easily book online with the TRACtoGo app. Simply download the app on the Google Play Storeorthe Apple App Store. You can also contact the TRAC Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or send an email to