Four Benefits of Renting a Car for Your Business

To Facilitate Mobility, Here Is Why Renting a Car Is Better Than Buying One

Transportation is frequently a crucial aspect of a business, particularly when it comes to operational costs against revenues. Every business strives to produce profits.

Thus, operational costs must be kept to a minimum. For this reason, the way a business minimizes its transportation costs is worth discussing.

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You can buy or rent a car for your company. Companies often select the second option.

Here is why they rent a car rather than buying one. 

Greater Flexibility

When a company rents a car, it only utilizes the car when necessary. There are many car rental services available today.

The services are provided online. To rent a car, all you need is a smartphone.

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Cost Savings

By renting a car, your company avoids creating a new department dedicated to vehicle management, including hiring new employees to drive, maintain, and repair vehicles when something goes wrong.

In addition, a company can rest assured that the annual vehicle taxes and car insurance are well taken care of and paid for.

Newest Cars

Car rental allows your company to use the most recent cars. A car rental company often supplies the newest cars to attract prospective customers.

More Convenience

Convenience is offered by cars and drivers.

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Drivers in big and reputable car rental companies are trained in safe and ethical driving practices. However, not all companies offer such drivers.

TRAC is a highly reputable car rental company. TRAC is a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya under Astra Group that offers comprehensive transportation solutions. The company also allows you to rent a car for more than one year.

Supported by a 24/7 Customer Center and a network across Indonesia, TRAC offers many benefits:

First, the reservation process is much simpler with TRAC’s website and application. It also has an extensive network of branches in over 50 cities in Indonesia.

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Second, all TRAC’s services are integrated into the TRAC Fleet Management Solution, ensuring you have a safe and comfortable journey, precisely and in real-time. 

Third, TRAC protects you with insurance, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind. It also ensures that the fleets it provides are always in good shape.

Fourth, TRAC is committed to helping its customers 24/7. TRAC pairs you with professional, trained, and certified drivers.

For help, information, and reservations, contact the Customer Assistance Center at 1500 009. You can also visit TRAC’s official website at or go directly to the corporate fleet renting page at