Reasons for Choosing a Used Car Over a New One

Banyak Masyarakat Pilih Beli Mobil Bekas Ketimbang Baru, Ini Alasannya

For some, owning a car is high on their list of priorities because it solves their need for cost-effective transportation for day-to-day travel, while quite a few will say that owning a car is a prestige way to move up in the world.

There are a lot of ways to obtain this four-wheeled vehicle, from paying cash to financing it. Also, if you opt for the latter, there are a great deal of financing companies—bank and non-banks—that will give you a low down payment and a low-interest rate.

However, interestingly enough, many people will go for a used car and pay in cash. There are several reasons why they choose used cars.

First, they are on a tight budget. Usually, people who choose to buy a used car—especially those who pay in cash—do not have enough money to spend on a brand-new car.

Moreover, they do not want to take out a loan for it. One of the main reasons for not financing their car is that they do not want to run into debt.

Second, there are plenty high-quality used cars with timeless designs in the marketplace. This is because some owners choose to sell their cars not too long after they buy them (in one to three years) for various reasons.

These cars are worth buying with engines and parts that are still in okay condition, combined with modern looks. Some used cars enthusiasts would even say that the resale values of these used cars will remain high.

Third, you can finance a used car with a simple loan agreement and a straightforward process. Non-bank financing companies, in particular, only require you to go through some simple steps, be it the paperwork or the down payment, to finance a car.

Quite a few financing companies will even offer their potential customers further convenience. Their strategies will surely attract attention.

For prudent and shrewd buyers, though, these incentives and convenience will not lure them into doing something they will regret later. These buyers want a used car with guaranteed quality. That means a car with a well-kept engine, functioning parts and features, and a blemish-free look, which is worth the money they will spend on it.

That is why, for them, choosing a used car dealer offering this standard they would expect is a must. Being a trustworthy and reputable used car dealer is what mobil88 is.

Founded in 1988, the company buys used cars, performs auto reconditioning on them, and sells them to customers with a warranty. mobil88 also guarantees that the cars they sell have never been caught in floods or had an accident.

With mobil88’s more than 30 years of experience, it offers professional and acclaimed service and processes. The company now has 20 branches across big cities in Indonesia: Medan, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Balikpapan, Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok, Tangerang, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

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