Buying vs Renting a Car, Which One Is More Cost-Effective for a Company?

Is It More Cost-Effective to Buy or Rent a Car for Business Purposes? Here’s the Answer

A commercial fleet is an essential operating asset for business operations. Like a “wheel” that drives a business forward, it helps a company achieve its objective of maximizing profit.

Thus, the key aspects to consider in acquiring a commercial fleet are the pros and cons of buying and renting a fleet for daily business operations. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Nonetheless, the company should take whichever option offers greater advantages. As of today, with all the dynamics and socio-economic conditions of the business sector, renting a fleet is seen as the most rational option.

For a company, there are several advantages of renting, instead of buying, a fleet. 

The first one is that it provides a cost-effective budget as the money that is allocated to buy a car can instead be used to rent several cars every year. In addition, a company does not need to create a separate department or division for fleet management, thus eliminating employee costs.

The second advantage is that a company does not need to worry about maintenance as it is the responsibility of the rental company –routine maintenance and repair in the event of damage.

Third, a company can rest assured that the annual and 5-year vehicle taxes are well taken care of and paid for, as these are the rental company's responsibility. This is also the case with vehicle insurance. Thus, the company can save the budget.

Fourth, a company can get a car with a new model or type every year if desired. Thus, the employees using the car can avoid monotony and will feel more comfortable.

In fact, a new type or model will also help boost the company’s prestige or image. Some companies, however, are against renting a fleet, arguing that the car won’t be available for use once the rental period ends.

But this argument can be easily responded to. Today, renting a fleet can be conveniently done through a mobile app.

A company can enjoy all the convenience, high-quality services, and fleet; however, it depends on which company the fleet is rented from.

For a company seeking a highly reputable car rental company, TRAC is the solution. A subsidiary of Astra Group, PT Serasi Autoraya offers comprehensive transportation solutions. 

Founded in 1986, TRAC has since been providing comprehensive transportation solutions. TRAC has grown as a leader in the transportation solution market, with thousands of vehicles being managed, from cars, motorcycles, to buses. Not only to companies, TRAC also offers car rental solutions to individual clients. A range of car types are available to meet various needs, from Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Avanza to Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Alphard.

One benefit of TRAC is the use of technology that facilitates and ensures customers' high-quality services. Car reservations are made easy via the TRAC website or app. Thanks to its extensive coverage in more than 50 cities across Indonesia, TRAC is ready to serve transportation needs in various regions.

One product offered by TRAC is the Corporate Daily Car Rental which allows a company to rent a car only if needed. All car reservations can be adjusted to suit the period needed to use the car. The period is a minimum of 4 hours and can be extended at any time.

Supported by a corporate reservation mobile app, car reservations can be made online anywhere. Employees with access can log in and make an order themselves through the corporate app on their phones.

A company can designate authorized employees to make reservations for customers and important guests. The authorized employees can further monitor and manage car usage with a special dashboard.

TRAC will also help a company analyze its transport usage based on the findings of regular reports, making it easier for the company to achieve cost efficiency. The company can also plan its transportation costs for each of its divisions. 

What’s more, a company can rent a fleet for more than 1 year, supported by a 24/7 Customer Center and a network across Indonesia.

Interestingly, TRAC also offers services under sharia law that prioritizes transactions without riba. Islamic financial institutions finance and guarantee all assets, and customers will not be charged with cancellation penalties.

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