Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Used Car Previously Owned by a Company

Thinking of Buying a Used Car Previously Owned by a Company? Weigh the Advantages and Disadvantages

For some, buying used cars previously owned by companies or used operating vehicles offers advantages. For instance, more affordable market prices and more excellent condition. 

Their prices are more affordable as the companies do not seek to make big profits, and instead, they intend to quickly sell their assets and remove them from bookkeeping then replace them with new units.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Used Cars Previously Owned by a Company

According to some, a used car previously owned by a company has better condition as the company allocates budgets on the car’s maintenance and genuine parts and the purchase tends to be transparent and accountable.

However, buying a used car previously owned by a company also comes with drawbacks. First, such a car comes with complicated annual tax.

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In addition to STNK and BPKB, a new owner usually have to enclose SIUP and NPWP of the company when filing annual tax. To avoid it, the new owner needs to do title transfer.

For title transfer and change of address, a buyer also needs a Letter of Vehicle Transfer. This document is used by the competent authorities to validate the car. 

Another drawback is their high mileage from daily use. This causes people to think that such a car is overused, and thus, when the new owner wants to resell the car, its price will be significantly lower. 

Where to Buy a Quality Used Car

You can buy a quality used car with valid documents and excellent condition, in terms of the bodywork and engine performance, at a trusted used car dealership. And mobil88 is an excellent choice of used car dealership.

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mobil88 is a used car dealership and a subsidiary of Serasi Autoraya (SERA) under Astra Group. We are committed to professionalism in providing services and assuring the quality of used cars. 

At mobil88, we guarantee that any used car you buy has never had an accident or been caught in floods and has authentic and complete documents. 

In other words, potential buyers can be sure that all documents are valid. Authentication is guaranteed by mobil88. 

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