To Buy a Safe Auctioned Car, Choose a Trusted Auction House

Is It Safe to Buy a Car at Auction?

There is a misconception about the used cars at auction. People think that they are confiscated.

However, at a trusted auction house, all cars have complete and authentic documents.

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Even, buying cars at auction is fairer and more transparent. Even though the cars are sold with no modification, their prices are set after each part has been checked.

As a consequence, buyers can purchase cars without any modification at a reasonable price. At auction, more cars are sold, with the conditions or grades determined by the auction house.

Thus, participants or potential buyers can purchase a used car at an affordable price. Therefore, buying a used car at auction offers a safe alternative.

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A Trusted Auction House

One of the biggest auction houses was founded more than 25 years ago and has been trusted by a thousand consumers buying cars at auction, i.e. PT Balai Lelang Serasi (IBID), a subsidiary of PT Serasi AutoRaya (SERA) under Astra Group.

Since 2007, IBID has auctioned thousands of cars. IBID is constantly striving for innovation and improvement, from service delivery and the auction process to the lots sold at its auction. In addition, its auction process is fairly easy.

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More and more people move toward doing everything online. IBID app offers a wide range of auction features, such as Timed Auction, Live Auction, and Flash Auction. Those features have their own characteristics and advantages.

1. With the Live Auction, participants can join from anywhere. The auctioned item will then be sent to the winning bidder’s house immediately.

Nevertheless, since there is no on-site auction anymore, regular auction at IBID is conducted online through live auction. In fact, live auction and on-site auction adhere to the same schedules and offer the same objects.

However, the duration of the live auction depends on the lots. Therefore, before participating at auction, make sure which lot you would like to buy.

2. Timed Auction allows you to participate in long duration, usually for days.

Here, you can find particular lots. For instance, gadgets, heavy equipment (HVE), and exclusive motor vehicles. You can join it via the IBID app.

3. Flash Auction is IBID’s flagship feature, the duration of which is only 2 hours. Its schedule adheres to that of consignors.

It allows you to check the conditions of cars via a live broadcast or live streaming via the IBID app.

In addition, the flash auction is equipped with live chat features for you to check on the status of the auctioned unit.

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