Buying a Used Car? Make Sure It Has Passed Reliable Inspection

The Importance of a Reliable Inspection Service When Buying a Used Car to Avoid Regret Later On

It's not uncommon for a car buyer to feel disappointed after finding out that the condition and quality of the car they bought is not worth the money paid, and this is especially true for used car transactions. A buyer can be “scammed" due to their lack of understanding of the quality of the car they bought.

In a used car transaction, the car valuation and price estimation are set by the seller based on their unilateral standard of the item condition. Thus, some sellers will take advantage of the situation and scam their buyers by inappropriately marking up their offered price despite the poor condition of the cars.

Therefore, to avoid “buying a pig in a poke”, it will be wise of you to perfectly understand the condition of the car you’re after, and this can be determined based on the inspection by trusted companies or institutions. Generally, a highly credible car dealership would have inspected the cars before selling them in order to set the price.

The car conditions—from the exterior, the interior, the engine, to the additional features—are checked by certified inspectors. The value can then be set fairly and transparently.

Among car dealerships that apply this method is mobil88. An Astra group’s company, mobil88 implements this procedure not only when selling used cars but also when buying them.

Astra Car Valuation

Such a procedure is still available for you, even if you plan to buy a used car from another company or dealership. Simply ask a used car inspection service to check the car you want to buy.

One company that provides such a service is Astra Car Valuation (ACV). The company offers complete car inspection solutions with reliable services by experienced experts. Certified and experienced inspectors will check 120 parts of the car.

The inspection begins with the car exterior, including the paint originality, bumper, hood condition, and doors. Then the interior is checked for the originality and roadworthiness of the dashboard, seats, steering wheel, headliner, etc.

In addition, the ACV inspection staff will also check the car frame such as the rolling chassis, etc. The inspection aims to confirm whether the car frame is still in good condition.

On the other hand, the engine parts, including the electrical system, are inspected to find out whether the car engine is still working well. Moreover, ACV also checks the completeness of your car documents, such as the Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) and Title and Registration Paper (BPKB).

Once the inspection is concluded, you will receive a full, comprehensive report on the car conditions that is easy to understand.

It’s easy to get an ACV car inspection service for the car you want to buy. You simply need to book a vehicle inspection service and choose your desired location. ACV inspectors will then visit you on the date and at the location specified.

Similarly, it’s not difficult to register for an ACV vehicle inspection online. You simply need to fill out a vehicle inspection service form on the ACV official website. Before the inspection, you should contact the seller and ask for their permission to check the car. After the inspection is completed, a report will usually be sent via email within approximately 24 hours. 

It is highly recommended for you to use the Astra Car Valuation inspection service if you want to buy a used car safely, as Astra Car Valuation is committed to providing skilled, professional, independent, and experienced inspectors.