Want to Sell Your Car After Homecoming? Choose Your Trusted Dealer

Every year, every time Lebaran is just around the corner, people are longing for their homecoming when they can be together with the whole family. People will cherish their homecoming journey even more when they are able to travel in their own vehicle.

Interestingly, however, people are looking to sell their cars after a homecoming season, and the reasons vary, from financial needs to a desire for a new car.

When selling your car, you need to go the extra mile given the fact that it is not an easy task to do –  you need to deal with a lot of people, including any prospective buyers, financing company, and if you sell your car to a dealer, the dealer itself.

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And if by coincidence your potential buyer is so hard to deal with, many things can happen. The same holds true when your dealer turns out to use some deceitful techniques to squeeze every penny out of you and when your financing company is too strict.

In any cases, you will end up wasting your time and energy. There is also a chance that you might be getting what you do not want: your car is sold below the market price.

Choose a Trustworthy Car Dealer

To avoid such risks when selling your car, you need to come up with an effective strategy, which includes choosing a trusted used car dealer. This a step to help you get a fair price and transparent process.

Among trustworthy dealers out there, you can choose mobil88. Being one of PT Astra Internatonal’s business units, mobil88 has secured a position as the largest and the most trustworthy used car dealer in Indonesia. It is the car dealer you can always trust.

Through mobil88, you can sell your car within one hour! Very convenient, isn’t it? At mobil88, you are in good hands with our professional appraisal team, which will appraise your car thoroughly and give you a fair price for it.

What is more, with its vast network of more than 20 dealers across Indonesia, mobil88 ensures that you will easily find one within your area.

Sell and Buy High-Quality Used Cars at mobil88

At mobil88, you not only can sell your old car, but also buy a well-kept used car and even trade in your old car for a high-quality car. mobil88 offers quality used cars along with the warranties. Today, you can even get a car faster and easier with online purchase, just from the comfort of your home. 

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Now, mobil88 also has a brand new digital platform called mo88i (read: mobee). Directly managed by mobil88, this digital platform allows you to sell your car and check the available stocks. 

Want to sell or trade in your car? You can do that on mo88i, and get 3 million rupiahs worth of e-money cashback and discount. You can also get the lowest loan rate as part of mo88i’s 2022 kickoff promo.

Whenever you choose to finance your used car purchase with mo88i, your loan rate will be as low as 4.88%, which is a great deal. You are also eligible to win free insurance and an extra bonus of a 5 million rupiahs in the form of auto detailing voucher and millions of rupiahs in the form of e-money.

You can also consult your needs and concerns before purchasing a car. Simply use the live chat feature to get help with anything, from picking the right car to choosing the most appropriate payment method. You can also apply for your car loan online from home.

For more information, visit the official mo88i website at Do not forget to download the app too from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.