Things to Consider When Renting a Bus for Your Group Travel

Pay Attention to These When Renting a Tour Bus

Traveling with your family, with your colleagues, or with your fellow club members, be it for a vacation or even for another purpose such as going back to your hometown during the homecoming season will be an unforgettable moment, when you can share happiness with the others. This will be the case when you are able to travel in the same vehicle, like a bus.

Given the fact that a bus is able to transport many people at once, it offers you with convenience and efficiency. If you calculate the cost, you will see that it is a lot cheaper because there is only one rental cost shared between everyone in your group.

And yes, you can save time and energy too. Why? Because everyone can rest and relax along the way.

And the icing on the cake is you get more flexibility when it comes to planning your trip. With everyone in your group, you can decide on the routes and when and where you should stop for a rest. These things build the sense of togetherness between everyone and make your journey more meaningful.

However, in order for it to happen, you should plan your trip well and find the right bus rental. There are at least six ways to achieve that enjoyable experience.

First, find out the number of people in your group. Second, rent a bus that offers the right number of seats and facilities supporting safety and convenience.

Third, do a background check and examine the track record of the bus rental company. Fourth, find out the customer service quality.

Fifth, find out the price of the bus rental. Lastly, book the bus in time, long enough before the D-Day.

It is important to do a background check, examine the track record, and find out the quality of the company’s services because you need to ensure not only the convenience but also the safety of your trip. The company that can give you just that is TRAC.

Specializing in the transportation business, this large rental company from PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) has made a name for itself. TRAC caters to any group traveling needs of individual or corporate customers, be it for short trip within their own cities or out-of-town travel.

Each TRAC bus is always maintained carefully with the comfort of its interior ensured. The company also prides itself on the safety.

Every seat in each bus is equipped with a seat belt, and to give additional benefits to TRAC’s customers, some buses even come with Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, bathroom, karaoke machine, along with kitchen countertop and cabinets.

Every TRAC bus is equipped with glass breakers, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers for use during emergency. Every TRAC driver assigned to its charter bus is an experienced and trained driver so your comfort and safety can be assured even further.

They have also been vaccinated and health-screened, ensuring everyone’s well being especially in times of pandemic. And with its own health protocol called SMART, TRAC always makes sure that every bus is cleaned and disinfected.

The company offers a variety of options, from Small and Medium Buses to Big and Luxury Buses. You can choose from a 11-passenger to a 59-passenger bus. TRAC even offers an option brimming with luxurious amenities. Having a meeting with your business partners or enjoying a karaoke session along the way is possible thanks to this option.

With TRACtoGo app, you can book a bus without hassle. Just go to “Bus Rental” in the app and choose an option that works best for your traveling needs.

TRAC also has a selection of great bus rental deals. For more information on the promo, including the terms and conditions, visit