Use a Bus Charter Service for “Ziarah” with Family

As in previous Ramadans, many people will visit the graves of deceased family members (ziarah) this month to pray for their souls. If you intend to go on ziarah with your extended family or in a group, you should think about chartering a bus. 

You can book a charter bus from TRAC to transport you on a safe and comfortable journey to each cemetery you need to visit for this Ramadan’s ziarah. Giving you and your family the convenience of a bus, charter bus services from TRAC provide a solution to traveling in a group, be it for a nearcation or going out of town. 

With these offers, you can treat yourself and your family to package tours, including visits to Muslim religious sites, at a price starting from only 4 million rupiahs. For your wedding, you can also charter buses for your family and soon-to-be in-laws with TRAC’s Nyaman Besanan (Convenient Wedding) package, which starts from 1.55 million rupiahs. 

TRAC also offers Jelajah Bandung (Explore Bandung) package at 380 thousand rupiahs, Jelajah Cirebon (Explore Cirebon) package at 350 thousand rupiahs, and Jelajah Surabaya–Malang (explore Surabaya–Malang) package at 470 thousand rupiahs. Looking to spend your vacation time at Taman Safari? You can pick up the package at a price starting from 450 thousand rupiahs. You can also go rafting along the Citarik River with TRAC’s package, which starts from 475 thousand rupiahs. For more offers, click here to open TRAC official website.

In addition to Luxury Bus, TRAC also offers a variety of other options, from Small and Medium Buses to Big Buses. You can choose from 11-passenger to 59-passenger buses. TRAC’s buses are not only great for your family, but also your company.

There are a lot of bus options you can choose from, but if you want to maximize comfort and luxury during your family vacation, you can opt for TRAC’s Luxury Bus. Thanks to its larger interior space and complete amenities, you can make your family’s get-together more exciting and, at the same time, more private.

Traveling overland in this Luxury TRAC Bus is like flying first class. The Luxury Bus has several amenities you cannot find in regular coaches, such as massage chairs, Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, microphones, and a karaoke machine, as well as a meeting room, kitchen, and other awesome features.

This bus appears to be a large coach, but inside there are numerous luxuries. When you climb in, the first thing you will notice is a panel that separates the passengers from the driver. Each room has a telephone that also serves as an intercom to the driver’s cabin. Thus, you do not have to yell to speak with the driver. Just pick up the phone and you are good to go.

In the passenger area, you can find elegant, luxurious seats. These leather-trimmed seats have plenty of legroom. Some of these seats can also be used as massage chairs. Just like on a plane, in front of each seat, there is a TV and a tray table where you may dine or work on your laptop. 

In the middle of this super-luxurious bus, a spick-and-span kitchen is available for cooking meals and making drinks. There are additional kitchen cupboards on the opposite side of the countertop where you can keep utensils or other goods. Under these cupboards, there is a hidden bathroom next to the bus door.

Seats in the back are more luxurious than those in the front because they also serve as massage chairs. Still in the back, there is a dedicated karaoke box. Similar to a karaoke box at a karaoke lounge, there are sofas arranged in a semicircle and a fairly large TV in front of them for you and your family to sing your heart out while in transit. 

This Luxury Bus’ interior is very elegant, with wood trims here and there. The ceiling above you is comprised of mirrors, and you can see your reflection in it. In the back, you can even adjust the ambient lighting to suit your mood. In addition, a luxurious cloth curtain hangs over each window next to the seat for privacy. Each seat has a power outlet and a USB port for charging your gadget. 

TRAC delivers its services to customers with strict preventive measures for COVID-19. In any business activity, TRAC implements its own protocol called SMART, which stands for Sanitize, Wear a Mask, and Ready to Go. Sanitize includes sanitizing cars with disinfectants between uses. Wear a Mask requires both drivers and customers to wear a mask. When these two steps are completed, TRAC is Ready to Go as it is ready to serve its customers.

TRAC does not only provide you with amenities in its buses, but also a qualified driver. TRAC’s drivers have through intensive training to refine their driving skills, ensuring that no matter how bumpy the road is, you will always have a safe, comfortable trip.

They have also received defensive driving training, which allows them to clearly think ahead and always be ready to take on any situations that may happen when driving. Apart from their driving skills, which ensure a safe journey, they are also trained to provide you with excellent service, so you can expect politeness, friendliness, and helpfulness from them at all times.

Now you can book more easily online through TRAC’s website or the TRACtoGO app. You can also contact TRAC Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or send an email to

Plan your trip today and bring everyone together to create unforgettable memories you can always cherish.