Find Out Whether Your Car is Included in the List of Best-Selling Used Cars in 2021

The List of Best-Selling Used Cars in 2021

The used car market seems to have bounced back after facing a decline in sales due to the pandemic in 2020. As the number of Covid-19 cases starts to decrease in Indonesia, the used car market is starting to shine again. The increase in the demand for used cars is also experienced by mobil88, which has been offering quality used cars for years. 

The President Director of PT Serasi Mitra Mobil, Naga Sujady, said that the challenges in 2021 were even harder, but the sale of used cars had grown by 15 to 20 percent compared with the previous year. 

So what are the best-selling used cars that become the targets of Indonesians in 2021? According to mobil88’s data, the best-selling used cars are pretty much the same as the best-selling new cars in Indonesia. 

The best-selling used cars are still dominated by brands such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Honda, and Mitsubishi. Those are the most sought-after brands of used cars in 2021, with Toyota and Daihatsu as the top two brands in terms of used cars sales.

The increase in the sale of used cars is due to the fact that the public is becoming more aware of their health by maintaining social distancing. As a result, the desire to buy private cars becomes stronger. mobil88’s sales have been increasing due to attractive prices, good physical conditions, and complete documents.

The list of best-selling cars is still being dominated by MPVs and SUVs from Toyota, such as Toyota Avanza, Fortuner, Agya, Innova, Calya, And Rush. For Daihatsu, the Sigra and Ayla models are the best sellers in the used car market.

The best solution if you want to buy a used car is choosing a trusted dealer like mobil88 that has high standards when it comes to selling used cars to consumers. Cars in mobil88 have not been affected by crashes and floods. They also have an original odometer as well as legal and complete documents. Their chassis and engine numbers correspond to the documents.

mobil88 now manages its latest digital platform called mo88i. You can check mobil88’s car stock or sell a used car via the mo88i platform, as it is managed directly by mobil88. 

mobil88 currently implements the COD (Car On Delivery) program. For the test drive session, the car will be delivered directly to your home. The COD service allows you to view and check the car that you have picked from mobil88. You can even do a test drive #FromHome as our staff will deliver the car of your choice to your home without any additional cost.

At mobil88, you can also ask about anything before buying a car, such as questions about choosing the right car or selecting a suitable payment method. If you buy a used car on credit in mo88i, there are special offers such as low installment and down payment (DP). Moreover, there is a bonus in the form of millions of electronic money and prizes. 

For those of you who buy a car in cash, mo88i provides an additional offer in the form of free TLO insurance. Furthermore, if you are willing to upgrade the TLO to All Risk, mo88i will give you a car detailing bonus voucher worth Rp5 million. The promotion applies to both cash and credit purchases. You just need to pick the suitable option for the budget you have.

If you buy a used car in mo88i, you can also take advantage of the credit simulation feature to select the suitable purchase option between low TDP or low installment. The feature is directly integrated with financing companies, meaning that the credit application process becomes easier and faster.

In addition, you can also trade in any brand and type of old car at mobil88. In just 1 hour you can trade in your old car for a new one. Look for your ideal car here. You can also chat our team to ask about anything!