Safe and Easy Way to Buy a Car on Credit!

Use the Following Safe and Easy Way to Buy a Car on a Credit

There's no harm in buying a car on credit. Buying a car on credit will make it easier for you to get the unit you want as you don’t need to spend a large amount of money at once. Besides, you can also determine the amount of DP, tenor, and installment in accordance with your financial condition.

Even if your budget is limited, you can still look for a used car. Buying a car on credit is not limited to new cars. You can also buy a used car on credit, both when you buy it from an individual or a showroom. So, how can you buy a car on credit safely and easily?

Look for the Best Financing Institution

While searching for a unit of car, you better look for information about sources of funding, be it in the form of banks or trusted financing institutions. Make sure such sources are supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). You can compare which institution offers DP with the best interest rate.

In addition, you need to collect as much information as possible about the credit application process of each institution. You need to do that to find out whether there is any limit on vehicle age or condition etc.

Adjust the Insurance Type

In addition to choosing a financing institution, you need to determine the insurance type you want to use. Of course, you need to spend more on insurance, but it will provide a safety net if something undesirable happens, such as damage to the car and theft.

Usually, two insurance types are offered, namely all risk and Total Loss Only (TLO). To put it simply, all risk insurance will cover all damages, including minor ones, while TLO only provides coverage if the vehicle is deemed to be unusable. The premium value is different, so you need to choose between the two according to your needs and budget.

Prepare the Needed Administrative Requirements

Once you have chosen a target car and financing institution, you can apply for credit. You should come to a bank or leasing office with the seller. Make sure that you bring all required documents in this process.

The seller needs to bring the vehicle’s documents. As a debtor, you also need to fulfill all requirements. Usually, you must bring your ID card, family register, Taxpayer ID card, copy of savings account, and salary slip. Just to be safe, you should prepare a telephone account and electricity number. These files are needed for the assessment process carried out by the creditor.

Car Survey

After the requirements are met, the creditor will survey the vehicle that will be purchased. It will determine whether your target car is eligible for credit or not. Therefore, it is important to collect a lot of information about the condition and age of vehicles that the creditor tends to approve.

Credit Confirmation

Just wait for the decision regarding your credit application. If the application is approved, for the final stage you will be asked to sign documents related to financing regulations, installment amounts, and payment methods. After all processes are done, the creditor will disburse the fund to the seller.

Once the fund is disbursed, you are obligated to pay off the credit by paying installment. It is important to pay off the credit on time. Don’t be late, as making late payments can make your credit history look bad. It will make things difficult if you decide to apply for another credit.

Choose a Trusted car Dealer

The best solution if you want to buy a used car is choosing a trusted dealer like mobil88 that has high standards when it comes to selling used cars to consumers. Cars in mobil88 have not been affected by crashes and floods. They also have an original odometer as well as legal and complete documents. Their chassis and engine numbers correspond to the documents.

mobil88 now manages its latest digital platform called mo88i. You can check mobil88’s car stock or sell a used car via the mo88i platform, as it is managed directly by mobil88. 

At mobil88, you can also ask about anything before buying a car, such as questions about choosing the right car or selecting a suitable payment method. If you buy a used car on credit in mo88i, there are special offers such as low installment and down payment (DP). Moreover, there is a bonus in the form of millions of electronic money and prizes. 

For those of you who buy a car in cash, mo88i provides an additional offer in the form of free TLO insurance. Furthermore, if you are willing to upgrade the TLO to All Risk, mo88i will give you a car detailing bonus voucher worth Rp5 million. The promotion applies to both cash and credit purchases. You just need to pick the suitable option for the budget you have.

If you buy a used car in mo88i, you can also take advantage of the credit simulation feature to select the suitable purchase option between low TDP or low installment. The feature is directly integrated with financing companies, meaning that the credit application process becomes easier and faster.

In addition, you can also trade in any brand and type of old car at mobil88. In just 1 hour you can trade in your old car for a new one. Look for your ideal car here. You can also chat our team to ask about anything!