Year-end vacation is right around the corner. For those of you who want to go on a vacation with your extended family, choosing a tourism bus as a mode of transportation is a good choice. However, to avoid any regret, you need to check out the following tips for choosing a tourism bus to keep your holiday and your family safe and comfortable.


The first thing that you need to make sure of is choosing a trusted bus rental service so that your vacation will go smoothly. You should choose TRAC’s car and bus rental services. With decades of experience in providing car rental services, TRAC ensures that your trip will be safe with professional drivers who have acquired a defensive driving certificate.

As for the offered service, TRAC Bus can be used for various trips and journeys, such as tourism trips, family events, and office or school trips. TRAC Bus can also cater to the need for shuttle service, such as employee shuttle, shuttle residence, school shuttle, as well as MICE transportation.

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The next thing you need to do is make sure how many family members or colleagues will tag along in the holiday. This is useful for determining the bus capacity to avoid making the wrong choice. There are many bus rental services providing buses with a different number of seats.

After deciding on a destination, you can create a list containing the number of people who will go on the vacation. Then, you need to select the appropriate bus type. The following are the types of buses provided by TRAC, which can be adjusted to your needs:

·  Luxury bus: 11 seats (equipped with LDC, earphones, and reflexology system), meeting room, pantry, DVD player, Wi-Fi, LCD TV, power socket, AC, sound system, and toilet

·  Small bus: 13, 15, 16 seats, AC, LCD TV, DVD player, sound system, and power socket

·  Medium bus:  18, 23, 29, 31, 35 seats, AC, LCD TV, DVD player, sound system, power socket, luggage space, Wi-Fi (available in some units)

·  Big bus: 59, 48, 45, 40 seats, AC, LCD TV, DVD player, sound system, power socket, luggage space, Wi-Fi (available in some units)


If you want the trip to remain comfortable, choose a bus with entertainment facilities such as a TV and DVD player for watching movies or karaoke. In addition, choose a bus that has comfortable seats with spacious legroom.

With TRAC’s bus rental service, you can enjoy various facilities.  Each TRAC bus is always taken care of well, and the bus’ interior is made to be as comfortable as possible. Safety is  also of the utmost priority,

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Each seat in TRAC’s bus is equipped with a safety belt. For passengers’ comfort, several buses are equipped with Wi-Fi, LCD TV, toilet, karaoke equipment, and pantry. Each unit of TRAC bus is also equipped with an emergency hammer, emergency exit, and fire extinguisher.

Referring to the COVID-19 prevention health protocol, TRAC also strives to maintain your mobility while prioritizing safety via TRAC Shopping Package equipped with various procedures of COVID-19 spread prevention.

Here are the steps taken by TRAC to ensure the safety of its bus and car rental services:

· Cars and buses are always washed and cleaned with disinfectant, before and after use

· On-duty drivers have gone through health screening that covers body temperature check and physical health examination

· Drivers use masks and gloves to minimize physical contact while carrying luggage.

· Providing hand sanitizer in each vehicle unit.

· Adhering to physical distancing regulation, namely a car can only carry one driver and three passengers. Meanwhile, a medium-sized vehicle can carry one driver and eight passengers. A bus can carry one driver and 13-27 passengers, depending on its size.

To use the bus rental service, you should book it ahead of the preferred schedule as the fleets might not always be available. Thus, you better plan your vacation ahead of time.

By using TRAC’s service, you can easily book a bus rental service. You don’t need to come directly to the office. You only need to contact the Customer Assistance Center at 1500 009, and you can order it with ease. You can make a reservation online via TRAC’s website and the TRAC To Go application, which makes the process easier.

Let’s plan your journey right here and now and create an unforgettable moment of togetherness!