You can buy both a new and used car either by credit or cash. However, installment buying still attracts a lot of people for a variety of reasons, such as to maintain their cash flow or because it’s the only suitable option due to their financial ability. Nonetheless, what are the credit type differences between the new and used cars?


When you decide to buy a new car, most financing institutions have included a complete insurance package. We commonly call it “All Risk” which covers not only car loss, but also the repair costs in case of an accident. Hence, the insurance cost is generally higher.

Meanwhile, if you buy a used car, you may just choose the Total Loss Only (TLO) package which covers insurance only for car loss but not repair costs in case of an accident. Therefore, with this option, the premium monthly cost tends to be cheaper.

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You can avoid hassle when buying a new car. Typically, a dealer partners with a loan service provider. The loan service can even be offered by different companies. Easy.

However, if you buy used cars – especially from individuals – it may take extra time and effort to get the financing service providers to give you a loan. They will need some time to appraise the vehicle. Therefore, it's not as easy as buying a new car. However, if you plan to buy used cars in a large showroom or dealer, there are usually partners ready to provide car purchase loans.


There is a difference between the interest rates for new and used car loans. Since new cars are still unused, there is certainly a low risk for credit service providers if at any point undesired things happen. In other words, the asset is generally still in prime shape. Therefore, the interest in loans is usually much lower.

It would be a different case for a used car. Even though it goes through the process of appraisal, eventually the percentage of the loan interest may be greater due to the risks and depreciation attached to that car unit.

Therefore, it's good to calculate the details before you decide to buy a car. It may seem to be much cheaper to buy a car with cash. However, there is a possibility that the difference won’t be that much once the credit scheme is calculated.


Since the value of used cars is cheaper, the loan principal is also smaller than new cars. Consequently, the monthly installments become smaller as well. This might be interesting to note when you have a low budget. Essentially, you have to always make thorough decision when buying a vehicle, especially if you do it on credit. That way, you would not miscalculate the interest rate and its risk.

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