The Used Car Market In Indonesia Is Still Very Promising

The Used Car Market Is Becoming Increasingly Popular As A Solution For People With A Limited Budget

Not everybody has the purchasing power to buy a new car. Therefore, the new car market is not the only one that continues to grow in Southeast Asia. The used car market grows in tandem with the new car market. No less than 5 million car units are traded every year, placing Southeast Asia as the fifth biggest used vehicle market in the world.

Similarly, Indonesia has a big potential with regard to the used car market, as demands are increasing. Not being able to buy a new car is not the only reason why people are buying used cars. Sometimes preference and depreciation momentum become contributing factors as to why used cars still have their own market share.

Nowadays, looking for information on the availability of used cars has become easier. There is a lot of emerging e-commerce that specifically engages in the sale and purchase process of used vehicles. In fact, information about financing services, unit inspection services, and reselling cars become part of the main service of such e-commerce platforms.

mobil88 is one such platform. It has focused on trading used vehicles offline for a long time. mobil88 generally has an abundant unit availability. It now offers its services via an application. Such services include car inspection, provision of offering price estimation, options for financing service, and insurance. 


So what are the advantages of buying used cars via trusted platforms? For those with a limited budget, buying a new vehicle is not an easy thing to do. Moreover, the prices of new cars are increasing. However, if we’re not talking about collector cars, in general, the prices will decrease every year. This momentum is the one to watch for.

People who have minimum knowledge on how to buy and inspect a car to avoid unwanted risks will be in a conundrum. In such case, buying a car from a trusted platform is a good choice. That way, the car will be curated. Bonus point if the platform can provide warranty and guarantee. At the very least, your desired car won’t be in a poor condition.

If you are interested in a car sold by an individual or other dealers, used car inspection services are everywhere. Spending a little more to ensure that you get a quality used car sounds like a good trade-off. If you don’t do that, you might end up spending more money after buying a less-than-stellar used car.


mobil88 now manages its latest digital platform called mo88i. You can check mobil88’s car stock or sell a used car via the mo88i platform, as it is managed directly by mobil88.

Buy a quality used car in mo88i, the newest platform of mobil88, a subsidiary of Astra. Buying your desired car is very easy to do now! Why’s that? Now you can directly and easily buy your desired car from mo88i (read: mobi). You just need to choose from various brands and types of high-quality used cars.

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If you buy a used car in mo88i, there are special offers such as low installment and down payment (DP). Moreover, there is a bonus in the form of millions of electronic money and prizes.

You can also trade in your car in mobil88, regardless of the brand and type of your used car. In just 1 hour you can trade in your old car for a new one. So what are you waiting for, take a look at the stock of the cars here

For those of you who buy a car in cash, mo88i provides an additional offer in the form of free TLO insurance. Furthermore, if you are willing to upgrade the TLO to All Risk, mo88i will give you a bonus voucher for car detailing worth Rp5 million. The promotion applies to both cash and credit purchases. You just need to pick the suitable option for the budget you have.

The credit simulation feature allows you to choose between low TDP and low installment in accordance with your needs. This feature is directly integrated with financing companies, meaning that the credit application process becomes easier and faster.

Look for your ideal car in mo88i!