Avoid Riba by Renting a Car via TRAC Syariah

The concept of halal business is developing rapidly. That goes the same for halal certification in various products. Currently, in addition to the food and beverage, cosmetic, as well as fashion sectors, the halal business has reached the tourism, entertainment, and digital product sectors.

This is due to the increasingly thriving halal lifestyle of the community. The abundance of digital content about the halal lifestyle produced by vloggers also contributes to the phenomenon. Various categories of halal products are becoming increasingly popular and interrelated. Business aspects like raw material, processing, service, and financial are becoming interrelated.

In addition, competition in the halal industry is becoming even tougher. Technology and free trade have opened the trade channel. Domestic halal products must compete with international halal products.

However, such challenge is not an obstacle. The great market potential can become a golden opportunity for Indonesian businessmen. Market needs are also increasing, resulting in new opportunities, including the need for a halal and trusted transportation service.

TRAC will not pass up such opportunity. As the business unit of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) engaged in the vehicle rental sector, TRAC offers a Sharia-based car rental service for companies or enterprises.

TRAC Syariah is the first product in Indonesia that legally offers the ijarah service, a Sharia-compliant vehicle rental activity. Ijarah contract is a contract for the transfer of the right to use an item carried out by paying rental cost within a certain period without the transfer of item ownership. This contract is implemented by TRAC Syariah without any element of riba (interest), maysir (gambling), or gharar (fraud).

With such a clear contract regarding car rental, TRAC’s customers, especially those who are Muslim, do not need to worry anymore. This is because one of the advantages of the implementation of Sharia law in this service is openness and fairness in terms of vehicle management. Besides, this rental product can develop into mudarabah (cooperation) with the profit-sharing concept.

You don’t need to worry about vehicle insurance as well, as all vehicles being rented by TRAC Syariah have been protected by Sharia-compliant insurance. In addition, all vehicles at TRAC Syariah are also obtained in a halal manner using the murabahah mechanism.

All vehicles are obtained in a halal manner through the mudarabah mechanism or the financing system of production cost, the results of which will be shared in accordance with the contract and protected by Sharia principles. TRAC Syariah is also open about its fund in managing its vehicles. 

TRAC Syariah is currently developed for the needs of companies instead of individuals. Therefore, this service is the perfect solution for companies that prioritize halal transactions or Sharia-based services.