Car Installment Tips for Millennials

The millennials are an all-round instantaneous generation. You can do everything as instant as you flick your fingers. This, unfortunately, does not work when you want to buy a car, which, of course, is a dream of every millennial. Particularly when you’re a newbie in employment and earnings, no longer dependent on your parents. 

Sure, having a car on your own at a young age has its perks, not to mention the prestige. Especially in this dire pandemic, having a car is a matter of practicality. With a car, you have nothing to worry about if you want to get to places. Unfortunately, when choosing a private car you must keep your budget and income in mind. 

If you’re a young adult millennial, a fresh grad, or working at an entry-level job, you cannot get your hopes up to buy a luxury car, unless you got some backup from your parents. But if you don’t, obviously you don’t want to compromise your entire salary to pay for the car installment. 

Millennials who just jump into the workplace generally don’t make that much. They’ll be glad if they have good food on the table for tomorrow. So if you’re just that, a millennial who wants to buy a car, here’s how you can make that possible. 

Be very sure about how much money you got 

This is the most important part, because it determines the type and model of the car you can get. Don’t account for the price of the car only. Make sure to accumulate the monthly service, gas, and taxes so that the financial planning is more prepped and does not exhaust the budget for your other needs.

Choose a car that you need

The next step is to choose the type of car that corresponds to your limited budget and other needs. Decide whether what you need is an LCGC, a city car, an MPV, a sedan, or an SUV. Each of those surely has its own price range. 

If your mobilization needs are nothing more than within the city limits, an LCGC is affordable enough for you. But if you have other needs such as bringing your whole family for vacations, MPV or SUV might be right for you. 

Research the price first

This is essential if you have a limited budget. This way you can avoid buying the wrong car. No less important is checking discounts at every dealership, as they usually vary depending on the dealership. 

Buying a used car

If your budget is not enough to buy a new car, it never hurts to buy a used car. Of course, this means that your research needs to be more rigorous to avoid regrets in the future. The stigma that used cars are prone to damages and cost more for maintenance is true. 

That is why you need to carefully choose trusted dealerships, like mobil88. There are plenty of choices, all high quality, and you can get a warranty at mobil88. 

For LCGCs, mobil88 has Toyota Agya, Daihatsu Ayla, and Honda Brio. Toyota Agya manufactured in 2015 are available starting at Rp70 million. You can get Daihatsu Ayla at the same price range with younger manufacturing years at mobil88. Honda Brio generally has a higher price range. For example, Brio Satya with manufacturing years of 2014-2016 starts a little below Rp100 million. 

For low MPVs, the market is dominated by Toyota Avanza, at around RP130 million for manufacturing years of 2017-2018. For less than Rp100 million you can get Avanza with manufacturing years of 2010-2011. Daihatsu Xenia has a lower price range, for less than Rp100 million you can get one with the manufacturing year of 2013. 

You can rest assured that all used cars at mobil88 are healthy and in their prime conditions. You don’t even have to go to the showrooms to buy a used car at mobil88. You can access the mobil88 e-store and choose the car you want from your home. 

mobil88 is having the COD (Car On Delivery) initiative, wherein the car will be delivered to your house for a test drive.  The COD allows you to assess and check your dream car that you have previously chosen from mobil88 and even test drive #FromHome as our staff delivers the car to your home for free.

You can also consult all your concerns before buying a car. From choosing the right car to the payment method of your choice. Through the mobil88 e-store, you can ask questions about cars to experts via the Live Chat feature. 

Whatever your concerns, whether it’s choosing the right car for your needs, choosing the car with the best condition, or payment methods, you can ask directly through the Live Chat. 

This feature is available in mobil88 e-store and will connect you directly with an experienced professional from mobil88. This Live Chat feature is available every day, from 7 am to 9 pm. Go ahead and check the stock of the cars here.