Car Color Affects Selling Prices, Here Are the Facts!

Selling a used car is not only influenced by the year of manufacture and the condition of the exterior, interior, and engine. However, it turns out that car color also affects the selling price of the car itself, especially in the middle to low segment. 

The choice of color is not only a matter of taste, but it also affects the resale price. So, what color really influences the selling price, and what color is the consumers’ most favorite? 

Neutral colors

The most popular car colors are black and white. Normally, these colors are popular for sedans, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV), and Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV). For other types of cars, other colors are sought after by used car enthusiasts.

A color that falls into the neutral colors category besides black and white is silver or gray. This neutral color makes the car look more elegant and dashing. In the market, used sedans, SUVs, and MPVs will have a relatively high selling price if they have a neutral color. In fact, the price difference can reach Rp5 million to Rp8 million compared to cars with other colors.

Bright colors

Meanwhile, cars with bright colors are not as sought after. Bright colors can reduce the selling price because cars with such colors would take longer to sell. Examples of bright colors are yellow, red, green, blue, and others. But this is only true for sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. This is not the case for city cars. The city car segment is dominated by young people who prefer bright colors to make their cars look more stylish. 

For the city car segment, buyers will prefer bright colors rather than neutral colors. Therefore, the selling price of the compact-sized car will be higher. The increase in prices is due to the fact that many city car lovers want bright colors, but the available stock is limited. 

Iconic colors

There are also colors sought after by people as they are only available for certain brands of cars. For example, the blue color which is synonymous with BMW, or the red or soul red color that has become the characteristic of Mazda.

Colors that show the character of specific car brands or models can boost the after-sales price to up to Rp5 million.

Although color also affects the selling price, the most important thing is the condition of the car. Thus, before buying a used car, you should examine the car first. Make sure that the car doesn't have any problems.

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