Looking for Car at Trusted Dealership for 2020 Resolution

There are many ways to welcome the new year. One of them is by upgrading your car. For instance, changing your four-seater into a seven-seater to accommodate more family members. Or, you can change your car with the latest model to boost your spirit in doing your daily activities.

Upgrading your car doesn’t necessarily mean buying a new car. A used car can be an attractive option for you if you also have other priorities in the new year. Cheaper price is the main reason people opt to buy a used car.

Indeed, the biggest benefit you will get if you buy a used car is the more affordable price. Even if a car has been in use for only half a year, for instance, the price might have already gone down by tens of millions of rupiah. The performance of the car is usually still good too, even though this depends on how it’s maintained by the owner.

Another benefit is that the automobile tax is relatively cheaper for a used car than a new one. However, it also depends on the car’s original price. If the original price is more than Rp500 million, the tax for the car will certainly be higher because it’s categorized as a luxury car even though it’s used.

Yet another benefit of a used car is that should you consider selling it again, the price you can expect will not see a drastic decrease. It’s likely that the price will have reduced only by a small percentage from the price you bought it as a used car.

Moreover, the maintenance is easier and more practical, because most used cars still use carburetor and contact breaker instead of electrical system. “Even when it’s an injection car, the system is still the simple one,” (October 5, 2019) said.

Furthermore, the spare parts are still easy to find, and the price offered is usually cheaper than spare parts for a new car. Information about the spare parts can easily be found in discussion forums and car communities.

Here’s another benefit: some of the legal documents of a used car take less time to obtain compared to those of a new car that can take weeks, or even months. Examples are vehicle registration certificate (STNK) and vehicle ownership document (BPKB).

“We can get the legal documents of a used car right when the key is handed over, but this is not the case when you buy a new car,” used car expert Bei Budiono said (, December 8, 2019).

You can list yet another benefit because now there are more channels for used car trade, including online platforms that make it easier for potential buyers to find information and make their purchase.

Take for example the e-store of mobil88, the dealership that is a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA). You can browse through the various cars on offer using mobil88’s app and official website while you are relaxing at home. Once you find a car that you are interested in, you can directly book it and settle your transaction on your device.

Another additional comfort is the 3 Days Drive & Switch benefit for the potential buyers when they make a transaction on the e-store. The facility is an added value of mobil88 e-store that allows a customer to replace the used car that they have bought with another car from mobil88 e-store. The request for replacement can be made within three days after the purchase date in the invoice.

The replacement process is also easy. First, the customer should contact and make an appointment with the Sales Advisor who previously helped with the transaction process. The customer then must take the car to mobil88 e-store’s showroom in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta. The customer needs to take along the documents needed for the replacement process, which are the car’s documents, the handover document, and the invoice.

The quality control team from mobil88 e-store will check to make sure that the car meets the requirements for replacement. If it passes the check, the customer can right away choose another car available in mobil88 e-store as the replacement. 

Find your dream car right now in mobil88,