Supply Chain Management for Business Growth

Managing the movement and storage of goods, starting from product inventory management to shipment to customers, is very important in the business wheel of a company. Currently, companies have realized the importance of collaborating with partners such as suppliers, distributors, and customers.

This collaboration is known as Supply Chain Management (SCM). It means the mechanism that connects all parties for converting raw material into goods all the way to distributing them to customers. Moreover, in SCM 4.0 era, digitalization of the company’s supply chain will make things more efficient in fulfilling the needs of new customers.

SCM 4.0 is marked by the appearance of supercomputer, smart robot, autonomous vehicle, neurotechnology development, and other things which will allow humans to optimize brain function. 

Supply Chain Technology Specialist Commercial Director & co-founder Bobby Warouw said that technology is the key in SCM 4.0. “The aim is to make productivity faster, more flexible, more accurate, and more efficient. Our market is heading that way,” he told (March 14, 2018).

Currently, Bobby said that Indonesia is only able to implement cloud computing and internet of things (IoT). This is because these two technologies do not violate the regulations in Indonesia. 

To fulfill the needs of SCM, several logistics companies offer goods management and storage service. One of them is SELOG, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Auto Raya which also implements Warehouse Management System (WMS).

WMS allows continuous tracking process related to receiving, picking, shipping, goods detention, damaged goods, and completed orders. Not only that, WMS also allows customers to check the availability of goods in real time.

Moreover, SELOG also provides additional services such as inbound and outbound transportation to ensure that the goods will arrive safely without any damage.

SELOG has recently strengthened the 100 warehouses it currently has. The total area of the warehouses is about 8.67 hectares. SELOG currently also manages 1,600 trucks and 12 cargo ships. Every year, SELOG handles approximately 935,000 cargo shipments.

SELOG offers various end-to-end logistics services, including courier services. Generally, the express courier services are divided into standard service and solution service. 

Standard service includes same-day service, next-day service,danregular service. Meanwhile, with solution service, you do not need to worry if you need special service like VPD (valuable, perishable, dangerous goods) to send documents or oversized packages that cannot be sent using the usual cargo service.