Strengthening Air Transportation of Logistics

The Express Couriers Association of Indonesia (Asperindo) pledged to build sustainable national logistics industry together with airlines. The commitment is aimed at improving the competitiveness of logistics industry in the regional and the global scale.

Asperindo Chair Mohamad Feriadi said that the partnership’s main goal is to find solutions concerning cargo tariffs and services. “This is for long-term business continuity,” he said (, February 9, 2019).

Moreover,he stated that Asperindo would continue shipping goods using airlines. This is to refute the rumor that logistics companies plan to stop shipping via air freight.

Asperindo Secretary General Amir Syarifudin admitted that there had been indeed an increase in the tariff for airway bill (air cargo), but it didn’t mean that logistics companies would stop shipping via air freight. He said that air transportation was still their main option because it offers a more fixed schedule (, February 8, 2019).
Supply Chain Indonesia Senior Consultant Zaroni thought that creating sustainable logistics industry can be done by improving performance and reducing national logistics costs through the betterment of national logistics service providers, especially 2PL (second party) and 3PL (third party) logistics companies.

“The improvement of the performance of logistics service providers covers the area of performance level reliability, responsiveness, flexibility, costs, and asset management," he said (, June 30, 2017).

National logistics service providers also need to develop and improve the quality of their relationship management with customers. It’s because customers want superior quality of logistics service and demand trust, openness, and information sharing.
According to Zaroni, innovation and development of logistics services that are based on logistics and suppy chain solution are the current needs of customers; they no longer want only basic logistics services. Moreover, companies also need innovation in several aspects such as reverse logistics, cross-docking, freight bill auditing and payment,and information technology (IT) services.

Logistics service provider SELOG, as a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), supports every effort by the government to improve the competitiveness of national logistics industry. SELOG is always committed to providing the best services for the people through prime services.
Through the complete services it offers, SELOG which is affiliated with ASTRA is still able to meet logistics-related demands. SELOG provides logistics service providers that include contract-based logistics services, shipping services, warehouse management, and freight forwarding through comprehensive land, sea, and air transportation, supported by SELOG Express service for document and package shipping.