The Most Searched Type of Car in Auction House

Auction house is now one of people’s recommendations of a place to buy cars. An auction house that has many cars of various types available is IBID-Serasi.

The auction house also has its own trend. Generally, the most searched cars in an auction house are the latest model and multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). Moreover, buyers are also interested in low cost green car (LCGC).

MPV cars are still highly preferred. This is seen from how short the time taken is for Avanza dan Xenia to be sold in every auction, as cited from (January 10, 2019).

“The most difficult type to sell is sedan; the market does not seem to be really interested. It takes two to three auctions before a sedan will be sold,” IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi President Director Daddy Doxa Manurung said.

Aside from MPV, seven-seater SUVs (sport utility vehicle), such as Pajero Sport and Fortuner,also attract many buyers. As cited from VivaNews (December 3, 2018), for LCGC, there are two models that are currently being hunted by those looking for used cars: Toyota Calya and Daihatsu Sigra. These two are chosen because they have large capacity and affordable prices below the market prices.

According to Doxa, the trend usually picks up nearing Eid al-Fitr. Last year, for example, in IBID’s auctions, the most searched cars were Toyota Avanza, Suzuki APV, Suzuki Ertiga, Daihatsu Luxio, and Daihatsu Grand Max.

What makes auction interesting is that it is different from a showroom. “We offer many cars in various conditions, types, and models that can be chosen according to budget,” Doxa said (, May 20, 2018).

Doxa also explained that another benefit of buying through auction in IBID is the high transparency of all lots. He gave an example that the condition of a car is mentioned in detail, put up on the car’s windscreen.

IBID is currently working on various loan schemes. One of them is survey scheme. So, the customer will be surveyed first by the bank, then they will be given the limit based on their collateral, for example, Rp200 million, so the customer will not go over the limit.

IBID as one of the trusted auction houses in Indonesia has been active in promoting vehicle purchase through auctions. IBID has often auctioned various automotive products like two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, gadgets, and heavy equipment.

IBID routinely holds auctions every week in more than 10 big cities and has a network in more than 30 cities in Indonesia. As of the end of 2016, around 27,000 four-wheeled vehicles had been sold through more than 500 auctions every year. Please click this page to learn more about IBID.