Strategy to Buying Car in Auction House

Buying a car in an auction house is not a difficult thing. We even will get a number of benefits.

First, the price is more affordable than the market price. Second, the auction process is also quick. You can directly bring the car home after you finish the payment process. “It is different from dealership system that is more complicated," as quoted from

In an auction, there are also many choices. This will make it easier for buyers to adjust their need with their budget.

IBID is a trusted and populer auction house in Indonesia. The subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya provides many choices of cars on auction.

However, IBID Chief Operation Officer Daddy Doxa Manurung was rueful over the lack of individual customers in the auctions. Even though, according to him, there is a higher chance to get cheaper price than in used car dealerships.

Thus, people with limited budget have more options. "I think of auction like a people’s market. There are many choices of various kinds, of various types, and in various conditions, so we can match our budget," Daddy explained. (, October 25, 2017).

Talking about the disadvantages, because most of the cars in auction are cars seized or taken forcibly by debt collectors, documents like vehicle ownership document (BPKB) and vehicle registration document (STNK) are often still in the hands of the leasing companies or owners.

For BPKB, IBID promises to help obtain it from the leasing company. IBID will truthfully disclose the information whether the car has complete documents.

As cited from (June 26, 2018), there are several strategies to buying a car in an auction house, which are:

First, pay attention to time

Entering the period of Eid al-Fitr, there will be many demands for cars to be used for homebound trips. However, two to three months after, customers will start having problem in paying the installment. It is at this time that the cars will be offered through auction house.

Second, pay attention to location

Not every city has an auction house. Auction houses with large capacity are usually located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Semarang.

Third, be meticulous when choosing

Most of the cars in auction are still in a good condition. However, there are still some cars that are auctioned in less-than-good condition. Therefore, you must be very meticulous when choosing.The process of checking the cars directly is usually held three to five days prior to the auction day. Use this time to observe.

Fourth, compare with market price

Find information regarding the market price of the car you want so you have a benchmark for making bids.

Fifth, pay attention to other bidders and do not get carried away by desire

The situation during auction may not be conducive because it is an event where people are scrambling to get things. Do not lose control because you are afraid that you will not get your dream car.

Sixth, bring the car to the repair shop

Quickly bring the car you bought in the auction house to the repair shop for a more comprehensive inspection with the help of your trusted mechanic.