Looking at Popularity of “Staycation” as Holiday Alternative

One interesting phenomenon in the last few years in Indonesia is that Indonesians prefer to allocate their money for traveling or vacationing rather than for shopping. The proof can be seen in the data by Statistics Indonesia (BPS) regarding indicators of household consumption growth in Q3 2017.

According to BPS Head Kecuk Suhariyanto, as cited from (November 6, 2017), one indicator that can be a reference is the increasing consumption for hotels and restaurants.

"People have shifted their consumption from non-leisure to leisure, so there is a strong indication that leisure consumption in this quarter will be stronger," Suhariyanto said.

Amid the hustle and bustle, especially for urbanites, traveling has become an important necessity. The latest research by Google and Temasek estimates that the value of online travel market in Indonesia will reach $24.5 billion or more than Rp372 trillion by 2025, as cited from (October 10, 2018).

For the extremely busy people, there is a popular holiday concept called “staycation”, a portmanteau of “stay” dan “vacation”, in which people vacation in their own city or nearby cities. According to Google Dictionary, staycation is a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad.

Because the period of traveling is short, there are several things to consider to ensure a great staycation experience.

First, avoid bringing too many things. Your activities should not be hindered just because you are too busy taking care of your luggage. In other words, do not let mobility during vacation to be hampered to the point that it is not optimum.

Then, look for a hotel with complete facilities. Nowadays, in line with the increasing trend of traveling, many hotels offer added values. This benefit should be used optimally.

For example, swimming in the pool or sunbathing while reading at the pool side, enjoying spa treatment, and savoring the special menu of the hotel’s restaurant.

The next and most important thing is transportation. From the beginning, make sure that the transportation is well planned. The best solution is to rent car so that the journey will be more comfortable and fun, especially for those with families.

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