Port Service Financing Makes Things Easy for Logistics Players

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) or IPC implements a new system for port service financing (PSF) facilities and services at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, last August. The system made in cooperation with a state-owned bank is deemed to make things easier for the public in general and logistics business players in particular.

IPC President Director Evelyn G. Masassya said that the PSF scheme has been integrated with port service payment system. According to her, PSF service gives more certainty on payment by port service users. (Republika, Monday (October 29).

With PSF system, the port no longer needs to rely on cash availability of service users. The bank will temporarily pay the port service fee. “Then, the user will pay to the bank. It’s like using a credit card,” she told, Tuesday (August 7).

Elvyn admitted that one of the biggest challenges in the industryis the cash unavailability that consumers sometimes experience. “With PSF service, the processes of docking, loading and unloading, or tugboat service won’t be hindered by this problem,” she explained.

In the new era, she said, IPC is committed to make things easier for service users, whether in operation service by modernizing loading and unloading equipment or in payment transaction.

At the initial stage, IPC’s bank partner has prepared Rp20 billion for ship service and goods shipping service. The bank’sInstitutional Relations Director Adi Sulistyowati said that the targets of this program are shipping agents and loading and unloading companies (PBM).

“This financing program will be expanded to all types of port services,” Adi told,Tuesday (August 7).

PSF service is expected to be effective, especially during high season of Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, and New Year and when exports are increasing which will lead to increasing queue at the port. Most importantly, the service must be supported by strong information technology network at the port.

This is because internet connection often has trouble on the field. If the IT system quality is good, it is expected that the transaction processes and activities related to PSF will also run well, Kontan explained,Sunday (September 16).

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