Digital Era Changes Business

The development of information technology changes many aspects of human life today, including the business realm. Information technology makes business competition even tighter.

"Business players who are unable or unwilling to transform their business must be prepared to be hit by wave of disruption," Warta Ekonomi wrote on Thursday (August 28).

Global business wheel now turns toward digital business innovations. Hence, Indonesian companies need to adapt to digital transformation. on Tuesday (October 16) said that digital disruption can actually open opportunities for business players to keep innovating and adapting in anticipating future challenges.

For your information, of the companies listed in Fortune 500 in 1955, only 60 companies lasted until 2017. It means, "Other companies failed to adapt and innovate amid digital transformation era that prioritizes power and speed," ACA Pacific Indonesia Country Manager Wiranto said.

That is why digital business transformation is inevitable for the future. A research by Microsoft and IDC Asia/Pacific, cited here from (Thursday, October 18), revealed that digital transformation can multiply income in manufacturing sector.

It's what the Indonesian government is after in facing Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 includes artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), wearables, sophisticated robotics, and 3D printing.

"Indonesia will focus in five main sectors: food and beverages, textiles and clothing, automotive, chemicals, and electronics," Industry Minister Airlangga Hartanto said in his speech for "Making Indonesia 4.0", as quoted from

The trend of digital transformation is also embraced by IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi, the business line of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) which operates in online auction. IBID has now adjusted itself to the shift of consumer behavior to e-commerce.

IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi President Director Daddy Doxa Manurung emphasized that according to the mandate from the government through the State Assets Directorate General (DJKN), all auction houses are expected to enter the digital realm soon. "DJKN already encouraged all auction houses to enter online, digital business. We cannot refuse," Doxa said.

Therefore, IBID developed an inspection system for used cars. "Through the system we developed, the application can determine the grade of used cars: whether the score is A, B, C, and so on," he said.

According to Doxa, the system becomes key for the auction house to enter the digital world. "So those from Papua, for example, do not need to send engineers from there to Jakarta to inspect the cars. They just need to see the scores," he said.

Currently, IBID's online auction service is still web-based, but later on, it can be done on Android-and iOS-based apps. For further information about IBID, you can read it on this page or access IBID's social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.