Reaping Positive Results, Odd-Even Traffic Policy May Continue

Gaining trust to hold the biggest sporting event in Asia, the 2018 Asian Games, Jakarta and Palembang cleaned up after themselves. Various facilities and infrastructures were built and renovated to make the sporting event, held every four years, successful.

Not only improving the infrastructures, several policies were also implemented so that the event could run well and smoothly. For Jakarta, in mid-July 2018, the Jakarta administration, together with Jakarta Police, conducted trial of odd-even system at several roads in Jakarta, including toll roads.

This policy was implemented to limit the number of private vehicles on the road in Jakarta. It was also aimed at ensuring that the athletes could arrive at the venues under 31 minutes.

Officially taking effect since August 1, 2018, since the trial until Asian Games was underway, the odd-even system was deemed by the government as giving significant contribution to reduced traffic.

As cited from CNN Indonesia, Wednesday (August 1), during the trial, Jakarta Police Traffic Directorate recorded that the traffic congestion could be reduced by 14%.

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan also gave a number of positive statements about the implementation of odd-even traffic policy to the media.

“Vehicles now run at the speed ranging from 23 to 25.6 kilometers per hour from the previous 20.6 kilometers per hour, or 12% increase,” Anies said as quoted from, Tuesday (July 24).

Moreover, Anies said that there was a 10% rise in the number of Trans Jakarta users and a decrease in air pollution in three areas, Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (Central Jakarta), Kelapa Gading (North Jakarta), and Lubang Buaya (East Jakarta).

Reflecting on the positive impacts, it is possible that the odd-even system will continue after the 2018 Asian Games. The Transportation Ministry is planning to make it permanent, including in toll roads.

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